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The Cinemafia is Gaining Strength

Just when it looked like the Cinemafia was dying, it gets back up and fights back.  People are going to movies again for some demented reason.  “”Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1” has grossed over $125 million so far.  More people are seeing movies at home through NetFlix or cable or satellite.  The Cinemafia has even taken stealth attacks on my campaign.

There is a website called “Our Campaigns” that is a interactive database of political candidates and races.  My campaign manager set up my page a while ago and gave my rating a “10”.    The Cinemafia has recently gotten word about the page and started voting me down.  My overall rating is now a dismal 3.33.

All is not last.  I am still running for President despite whatever action the Cinemafia does to try to knock me off my rocking horse.  People are still seeking a viable candidate who is neither a Democrat or a Republican.  America wants change.  Americans want to be Americans again.  There was a media search company who has searched my website.  I have a good feeling I will soon be interviewed.

The fight against the Cinemafia is far from over.  We must continue to do whatever it takes to weaken them.  Together we can win.  Together we will win.

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Poll: How Did You First Find This Site?

I would like to thank you for coming here.  I would especially like to thank you if you are a regular (Even those who don’t support the campaign).  Please tell me how you first came to this site.  This information is needed so that I can better manipulate the masses understand the electorate.

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