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Foreign Aid

Our foreign policy makes no sense when it comes to foreign aid.  We give money ti Israel and the Palestinians so they can bomb each other.  I would quit sending foreign aid until they learn to get along.  At the very least, they would no longer have money for bombs.

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How I Would Solve the Israeli – Palestinian Mess

Israel and Palestine have been going at it since I was a kid.  There have been moments of truces only to end up with both sides fighting again.  My solution is two-fold:  Bomb Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank with reefer bombs and to set up falafel and kabob stands near the bombed areas.

Marijuana puts the mind at ease.  People aren’t in the mood to fight when they are stoned.  Marijuana also causes the munchies.  If America ran the falafel and kabob stands I mentioned earlier, then we will be able to pay for the reefer bombings without using taxpayers’ dollars.

A well-fed and stoned people is a happy and peaceful people.  This will bring peace to the Middle East.


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