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State of the Campaign

We will vote for the President of the United States in 41 months and 3 days.  You are probably as disheartened as I am that although the talking heads are talking about potential candidates for President, the name “Ahmnodt Heare” is not being mentioned in the mix.

Here is my plan for the 2012 election:  Tell two people* about my campaign every month.  Make sure you tell the people you talk to that they tell two people every month.  Once people they tell tell two people, etc. over the next 41 months, then 268,435,456 people will know about my campaign.  Fewer than half that many people voted for all candidates for president in 2008.

Telling two people a month shouldn’t be too difficult.  And if only half of the people you tell vote for me, I will still have 134,217,728 votes.  This will be the most ever for any candidate for any office in American history.

* – Two people who have never been told before.


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Leadership: Are you willing to say to the other candidates’ faces things you have said in your campaign?

It would be easy for me.  The only thing I have accused the others of doing was stealing my campaign ideas.  If you check the beginning of my blog from February, you will see that I went to Europe before Obama and my computer was hacked into before Sarah Pailn.

My campaign is basically about me and my ideas.  I almost don’t care who is president as long as thet run on my platform.  All I ask is that they let me live in the White House.

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Now Sarah Palin is Copying Me

The McCain campaign claimed yesterday that VP candidate Sarah Palin’s e-mail was hacked into.  I don’t know how to break it to them, but it happened to me first

Whether it’s people hacking Palin’s computer or Obama campaigning through Europe, the two parties have shown that they are unoriginal and that neither would have a successful campaign if they didn’t plagiarize from me.

Ahmnodt Heare for America.  Ahmnodt Heare for You.  and Ahmnodt Original,

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I Have Returned

After a couple of months on hiatus campaigning, I have returned.  One of the main reasons I have not been around is because both McCain and Obama have been using my ideas on their campaigns. 

If America wants a true leader, then Americans should choose the candidate who was the FIRST to think of these ideas.  Whether it involving campaigning overseas (like Obama) or tapping Sarah Palin (like McCain – NOTE:  I did not tap Palin, but I have thought about it.)

There are rumors that I haven’t been able to blog because I haven’t paid my internet provider bill.  That is not true.  While I haven’t paid my internet bill, the real reason is because I want Obama and McCain to come up to their own ideas. 

I have spent the last week campaigning in St. Paul and now I am off to campaign in Denver for a week.

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