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Sometimes Doing Your Best Is Not Enough

I write with deep sadness that Ram Venkatararam was sentenced to 25 years in prison for what I believe is a bogus kidnapping charge.  Ram was not allowed to present my theory to the court and now he is spending his evenings romancing Bubba.

I have tried to help Ram.  I have offered my testimony.  I wrote a letter to the District Attorney disproving that Ram kidnapped John-Sam.  I took the judge and his staff out for dinner.  None of these traditional methods worked.

There are a few things we can do.  One thing we can do is plead for an appeal.  We can also ask President Obama to pardon Ram. We can find a baker who knows how to bake cakes and hide files.  We can all mail Ram a card to keep his spirits up.

Moral of the story:  Just because you have sucked at what you have been doing doesn’t mean you should give up.  Don’t give up until you have ran out of options.


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Pardoning the Turkey

President Bush partook in a time-honored tradition of pardoning a turkey.  I would like to pardon a turkey, also.  The turkey I have decided to pardon this year is Alan Keyes.  While Alan Keyes and I have several philosophical difference (especially with the stickler over who should be president), he has a small, but loyal following.  Both supporters are already working on Keyes’s 2012 campaign.

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