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The House, The Senate, Obama, and the Need for Independents

The “Payroll Tax Cut” is set to expire on January 1.  President Obama wanted to extend the tax cut for another year.  The Senate passed an extension for two months.  The House passed it for a year.  Since the House and Senate passed different versions of the bill, they were supposed to have members of both chambers meet and hammer out the difference.  The problem is the Senate has adjourned for the holidays and will not return until after the New Year.  The President now wants the House to pass the Senate version, but the House refuses to vote on it.

President Obama is a Democrat and the Senate has a Democratic Party majority, but the Republican Party has a majority in the House.  This bill is being labeled as a “Jobs Bill” (though I don’t know if this is supposed to generate jobs or is a tribute to Steve Jobs.)  The problem is that recently, both Democrats and Republicans have titled bills that have nothing to do with the laws they want to pass.  This practice has to end and the only way it can end is by voting for Independents like myself.

Since people don’t want to be mislead (I could be wrong here based on the politicians people vote for and re-elect), they should vote for people who won’t mislead.  Republicans and Democrats mislead.  They have mislead and switched positions with each other time and time again.

Obama and Democrats were elected in large part to bring a quick end to the Iraq War.  Not only did that war not end quickly and we’re still fighting in Afghanistan, but he managed to send troops to Libya.  Republicans, who were against withdrawing from Iraq, questioned why we were bringing troops to Libya.  Once Gadaffi was removed, Republicans were complaining that we were leaving Libya too early and we needed more troops there.

Instead of voting for the two parties, vote for independents.  They don’t have an ever-changing party platform to cling to.  All we Independents have is our word, and if we go against our word, we won’t be re-elected as we don’t have party pundits to spin our actions or our words.


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Party Politics

I am running as an Independent as president despite my being a member of the Oudda-Heare Party.  My days of running as an independent may be numbered though.  I am considered in the running to represent the Hobo Party for President.  In order to receive consideration, I am going to need your help.  It costs little and you will be helping others in less than two minutes.

All you have to do is bring some sandwiches and some booze to your nearest train yard.  As soon as the sandwiches and booze are distributed, you can leave.  It’s that easy!

Hobos have been ignored for too long.  Their unemployment rate is near 100%.  This is because companies are not creating jobs in train yards.  They are also ineligible for government assistance because for some reason, the government does not consider a train yard as a place of residence.

The hobos need your help because they won’t get it from the government or from the business world.  Once I become president, I will make an executive order declaring train yards as a place of residence.  Let’s help the hobos!

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Why Should I Trust You When Both Parties Have Failed?

I am an Independent.  My ideas are different and does not get bogged down in party politics.  I should be trusted because I am Independent and I want to be president.

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