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The Results are In

Last month I had a poll asking whether I should still run as an Independent or if I should start my own party.  The people have spoken:  50% of you say I should remain an Independent and 50% of you say I should start my own party.  This means I get to break the tie.  I decided to flip a coin.  Heads would mean I would start a new party and tails would mean I remained an Independent.  It came up heads.

I was mulling over the names I could use for the party.  Here are a few of the names I rejected:

  • The “Vanna White Party” – As wonderful an honor it is to serve as the Presidential candidate in the Vanna White Party, I am not too sure too many Americans would join a party with Her name.  Plus there is the cost of changing all the stationery and signs one the unthinkable happens and we are no longer blessed with Her presence.  “vannawhitememorialparty.org” is too long to type.
  • The “Toga Party” – While I want the party to capture the atmosphere of a toga party, I want the image of the party to be more than drunks wearing bedsheets.
  • The “Ahmnodt Heare Party” – While I would have no problem being in a party named after me, it would be too much pressure for candidates who would want to run as an Ahmnodt Heare Party candidate.  People would expect the other candidates in the party to be as lovable as I am, and that would be too much of a burden for many people.

The name I have chosen for the party is the “Oudda-Heare” Party.  It is named for two of the most influential people in my life, my mother and father.  Ged Oudda and Robert Heare are responsible for making me who I am, and I blame thank them.

In the near future, I will have information on how to join the Oudda-Heare Party.

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Another Interview with Ahmnodt Heare

An Interview with Ahmnodt Heare
If there is one area or issue that you can effectively change and be remembered for during your time in public service, what do you wish that to be?
I would like known as the guy who took down the cinemafia and made entertainment affordable again.
Have you ever been a member of another political party besides your current party?
I have never belonged to a political party. I think they discourage independent thinking and innovative solutions like my Juat say, “OK, but just this once” drug policy.
Outside of family, who was your primary inspiration that led you to seek elected office?
I want to show Americans that there is a different way of doing things.
What one major global issue or conflict do you hope to see resolved in your lifetime?
Why only one? I’d like to see all of them resolved. Put all the leaders in an air-sealed room and release nitrous oxide…
What was your first political protest/demonstration/rally? How old were you?
I was 5 years old and I started a sit-in for longer nap times in Kindergarten class.
What national issue or conflict would like to be a part of solving in your lifetime?
I would like to make entertainment more affordable for Americans.
What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?
That I almost became famous in 1995.
Is this your first elected position?
This will be my first elected position. I was voted “Class Clown” two out of my three senior years.
What current national or state political figure inspires you now?
President George W. Bush inspires me to be different from him.

NOTE:  A better interview can be found here:

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