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A Great Night After All

Last night’s debate started out horribly for me.  Many people were having problems getting into my chat room on Facebook.  My telepathic channels were crammed with people who were sending messages that had nothing to do with politics and one message from a lonely man who was drooling over Michele Bachmann’s legs.  I was soon booted out of my own chat room and unable to return.

I turned to my Facebook and Twitter pages after realizing I would not be able to get into chat.  I learned a few things from going to my pages.  The first is that the people who follow me on Twitter are different than the people who follow me on Twitter.  The only things they have in common is that they both use computers or phones to access their accounts and that people would rather vote for me than any of the Republicans except for Ron Paul.

Despite missing the first 45 minutes of the debate due to chat issues, I was able to get a record number of retweets and comments on Twitter and a record number of likes and shares on Facebook.  (My previous record of shares on Facebook was zero.)

The results don’t end there.  I have more people following me on Twitter and have more friends on Facebook.  I will now split time between Facebook and Twitter and no longer blog in real-time here.

There was one thing that was said by one of the candidates last night that baffled me. (I forgot which candidate)  It wasn’t Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman, or Herman Cain, but one of the others said that we need the Patriot Act to protect our liberties.  The Patriot Act erodes liberties.  This means that we need our liberties eroded to protect our liberties.  That makes no sense at all.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from the entire Ahmnodt Heare for President campaign team!


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How to Alieviate Airport Traffic

Since the Patriot Act, airports have been a pain.  We have had to spend hours on line in security.  Sometimes they are so slow, we miss our flights,  and it takes a long time to find an available flight.

My plan will cure that.  I would allow people to catch planes at the mall, at arenas and stadiums, and other places where a lot of people go to.  This will give a number of options of where to catch a flight.  And since a lot of these places are closer to home than the airport, there will be less time driving.

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