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Mulling Through My Mind

When taking on a campaign that is supposed to take a long period of time, there will be peaks and there will be valleys.  My campaign is currently going through a valley.  When things are good, like last week, There is much interaction with my blog, many endorsements, and a buzz on the street.

While I have had some endorsements in the past week, it otherwise seems like I am campaigning in a vacuum.  The campaign trail seems dead, even at the cemeteries.  Add these incidents to the Cinemafia attacking me, and it makes it seem like I should quit.

I will not quit.  I have gone through worse only to end up somewhere better.  The Cinemafia might be celebrating today, but they won’t be for much longer.  I have a few tricks up my sleeves.  (I would have more, but I have been wearing short-sleeved shirts.

You shouldn’t quit either.  (Unless you’re with the Cinemafia)  Life is like my campaign with valleys and peaks.  Let common sense, love, and good will be your GPS in the journey of life.

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