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Another Rant About Miley Cyrus

Once again the Cinemafia is taking pride in pimping a minor.  And again they have chosen to pimp out their sexual desires on Miley Cyrus.

Don’t get me wrong, she is a beautiful girl.  But if I was to do the things in the video that the guys in the videos were doing, I’d be locked up for a long time after having an awkward conversation with Chris Hansen.  Treating minors as sex objects is just wrong.  Dolling a girl up like a grown-up does not make her a woman.

Her latest video is called, “Can’t be Tamed.”  She should be tamed, at least until she turns 18.  And to show that the only issue I have is that she is a minor, Miley Cyrus is invited to my house on November 23.  That is the day she turns 18.

The saddest part about the Cinemafia is that they will probably stop pimping out Miley Cyrus and start pimping out some other girl as soon as she turns 18.  Have you notices that you never see Hilary Duff or the Olsen Twins anymore?  That’s because they’re adults now and they are of no use for the pedophiles of the Cinemafia.

The Cinemafia claims that they do no harm and it’s just “entertainment” and that nobody is affected by it.  If that is the case, then they did they ban actors smoking?  They’re just entertaining us with their portrayals as bad people.

Boycott the Cinemafia.  Quit going to movies and quit promoting companies that pimp little girls for the sexual fantasies of perverts and pedophiles.

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The CineMafia Knows No Limits

Just when I thought the CineMafia could never reach a new low, they have done it.  There will soon be a movie based on the popular Mattel doll Barbie.  It would not bother me so much if it was based on a wholesome Barbie figure, but the CineMafia’s track record would suggest otherwise.  The Barbie they plan to choose would probably look more like the picture below.


This is why the CineMafia is so evil on so many levels.  I have pointed out in the past about how the CineMafia considers 12-yeal-old girls to be “adults.”  Now they want to lure girls younger than that to theaters and emulate an American sex symbol.  I am throughly disgusted.  I will not allow am daughter to see this movie until she is 18.  by then, I hope she has learned about the exploits of the CineMafia to never see a movie.

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The CineMafia is a Demented Group

I was watching the news this morning and they showed a scene from last night’s Teen Choice Awards ceremonies.  The news showed a clip of Miley Cyrus dancing with a stripper’s poll.   There were thousands of children in the audience as well as millions of children watching on televiosion.

The CineMafia loves to pimp out Miley Cyrus. Last year, she posed provacatively for Vanity Fair.

It is bad enough the CineMafia is pimping out a sixteen year old girl on a show intended for viewing for minors.  But the message suggest it is OK for little girls to dance with a stripper’s pole.  As a father of a six-year-old girl, I find this very disturbing.  And my daughter is a HUGE Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana fan.  I would hope that she and other girls her age do not get the impression that it is OK to dance on stripper’s poles.  Not because I don’t think that I don’t think boys her age should be aroused, but because pedophiles who lock themselves in their bedrooms when Miley Cyrus is on TV should not be aroused by children.

There will not be an end to pedophiliac crimes until the CineMafia makes children act like children and not like the sex objects they want to act them to be.

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The Boycott Backfired

I had a radio show last night dedicated for people who wanted to join me in boycotting the Oscars and fighting the Cinemafia. This is part of the Entertainment Affordability Awareness I have been promoting from time to time. Instead of people boycotting the Oscars, they boycotted my radio show. The ratings were the worst ever.
While the Cinemafia might be gloating over this victory, the fight is not over. I will continue to expose them for they are. I will fight to make sure young ladies like Miley Cyrus do not become the object of affection for fat, bald, middle-aged pedophiles who live in their parents’ basements. I will continue to fight for better and more affordable entertainment.

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