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Weekend Itinerary

It’s back to the campaign trail this weekend.  I will be along the western banks of the Hudson River speaking to various groups:


12:00PM – Highland Falls, NY – I will be speaking to a senior citizen group called “SAWAC” (Seniors for Access to Whips And Chains).  I will be addressing this active senior group plans to make the equipment they need more easily accessible.  The speech will be short so I don’t hold them up for their daily naps.

1:30PM – West Haverstraw, NY – I will organize a speech in front of the motor vehicles office explaining my motor vehicle department plan.

3:00PM – Nyack, NY – I will wonder aimlessly through the streets of Nyack and hopefully figure out what the hell they are thinking about.  I hope this won’t take too long.

4:30PM – NY/NJ border on U.S. 9W – I will try to bring peace to the border after a tough NHL Eastern Conference final.  Rangers fans and Devils fans were in each others’ faces and has made life difficult for those of us who think both teams suck.  (LET’S GO CAPS!!!)  By Caps, I mean the Washington Capitals, not typing in all caps.  I only typed in caps because I always yell when I say that.

6:00PM – Fort Lee, NJ – I will be at the western end of the George Washington Bridge discouraging people from jumping.  I won’t mention my campaign to anybody who is thinking about jumping until they are convinced that jumping off the bridge is not the answer and the meds they will probably have to take start kicking in.

8:00PM – Hoboken, NJ – My last stop tomorrow will involve a seance with fellow Hobokeners and trying to summon the spirit of Hoboken’s favorite son, Frank Sinatra.  I am confident he will endorse my campaign posthumously.

Sunday I will be hitting the Wal-Marts in Franklin and Newton, NJ – Monroe and Middletown, NY – Milford, Honesdale, and Dickson City, PA.  I will be showing my appreciation to Wal-Mart associates who keep prices low for working for less.  Workers who smoke will be given a cigarette as a token of my appreciation.

I’ll be going to bed soon because I have a long weekend ahead.


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Hitting the Road

This Thursday I will be embarking on a five-day campaign trip that will take me through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina.  Right now the only thing that is anything near planned is a small rally in Winston-Salem.  I am open to other rallies (especially on Monday morning and afternoon.)

I might give an impromptu speech in front of the very spot where I first decided to get involved in politics in 1998 when I ran for Senate,  (I was beating John Edwards and Lauch Faircloth in polls when people found out I wasn’t eligible due to age.)

This was supposed to be part of a longer trip that would have brought me into Washington DC the following weekend for my daughter’s birthday.    While I was able to find someone who could take care of the dog for that time, I couldn’t find anybody to watch my pet ants or water my bread mold beyond Monday.  I’ll be back home Monday evening only to head to Washington that Friday.  OPEC is starting to love me.

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I Demand a Recount!

I don’t think I won the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary last night. But poll numbers were showing that I had 9% of the vote. Even if I didn’t end up with that much, I would at the very least have a couple of percentage points in the voting. It’s another sad day for Pennsylvania Democratic politics.

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Going Home

I will be spending most of the next two weeks campaigning in my home state of North Carolina. Nothing beats going to your own house after a day of campaigning. I’ll probably swing up to Indiana for a day or two in the early part of next week. I hope I will be home before the polls close in Pennsylvania. It won’t make too much of a difference one way or another because people will vote the same way whether I am home when the polls close or in southern Virginia on my way home.

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Poll Numbers from April 17

Clinton – 47%

Obama – 44%

Heare – 9%

I like to thank Pennsylvanian Democrats for campaigning for me and getting the word out.

There hasn’t been a poll released for the Republican Primary.  I could be a stealth candidate on the Republican side and win the whole thing.

Keep getting the word out!  There’s only four days to go.

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Philadelphia Debate

I was under the impression the debate was tomorrow night. ABC aired the debate this evening. As soon as I am able to read a transcript, I will give my answers to the questions posed to the other candidates.

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Radio Show: “What Others Are Saying”

Tomorrow night’s show will be a discussion on what other people are saying now that my campaign is catching fire.  I will also discuss current events, the campaign’s progress, and I will take calls from listeners.   The call in number is (347) 945-7487 between 11:00 and 11:30PM Eastern.  (8:30 – 9:00AM in New Delhi)

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