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The Nanny State and Dead Birds

Two different subjects in one post

The Nanny State: It seems that we are becoming a nanny state.  This concerns me greatly.  A few of my friends growing up had nannies and they scared me.  They were nice people, but the way they dressed scared me and I hope America doesn’t go down this road.

Is this how you want your future to end up? Me neither!

Dead Birds:

There have been a rash of birds dying in recent weeks.  A convocation of Eagles died last weekend in Philadelphia last Sunday.  There were two more dead bird sightings today.  An unkindness of Ravens were found dead in downtown Pittsburgh.  A cast of Falcons got dirty and died in Atlanta tonight.  Things are not looking good for a flock of Seahawks flying around a Bear den in Chicago.

We need laws to protect birds.  We do not need laws to protect stupid people.


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Donovan McNabb a Redskin!

I have just returned from Washington after spending the Easter weekend with my family.  My father sent me an e-mail saying that the Eagles have traded Donovan McNabb to the Redskins for a second round pick.  I really like the direction the Redskins are going in now.  First it was Mike Shanahan as our head coach.  Now it’s Donovan McNabb,  Now it won’t be as painful of a wait between when the Capitals hoist the Cup in June and when football season starts in September.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day!

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For Anybody Attending the Super Bowl

If you are attending the Super Bowl this Sunday, please have a sign that the television cameras can easily see.  I would recommend trying to get an end zone seat between the goal posts.  The sign should be like the picture below:

I should point out a couple of things about this picture though.  First off, the Philadelphia Eagles are not in the Super Bowl.  It is advised not to wear Eagles attire at the game.  The second point is that the game is in Miami.  The weather in Miami is too warm to be wearing jackets, gloves, and ski caps.  A shirt, a pair of shoes, and pants should be all you need.

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New York Giants Fans – Please Help

If you are going to the game against the Carolina Panthers this Sunday evening, eagles_fan-710826 I  need a couple of fans to hold a sign like the one in the picture.  I would advise against wearing any Philadelphia Eagles attire at the game.  If you feel compelled to wear Eagles apparel at Giants Stadium, let me know and I’ll give you some “McCain – Palin” signs for you to carry around.

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Attention Lions, Cowboys, and Eagles fans!

If you are going to any of the games tomorrow, please bring a sign like Mr. Moran is holding.  Try to get it so people can see it on TV.

I thank you very much.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the games.

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