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Anthony Weiner’s Trouble With Democrats

Congressman Anthony Weiner confessed to sending inappropriate pictures of himself to women.  It is not those pictures that worry the Democratic Party leadership in Congress.  There is another picture (one that is not sexual in nature) that has the Democrats in a clamor.

Congressman Anthony Weiner caused controversy within his own party by endorsing Independent candidate Ahmnodt Heare for President.

It remains to be seen what damage this picture will do with the Congressman’s future as a Congressman and with the Democratic Party.  I thank him for the support he has decided to show despite his knowing the backlash it would cause.

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Amazing Artwork

For those who are new to my campaign, I like various forms of art.  I have blogged about the incredible work of Julian Beever in the past.  I was reading today’s New York Post when I saw another incredible artist.

Alyssa MonksThe artist’s name is Alyssa Monks.  What makes this photo so amazing that it isn’t a photo, but a painting. Check out more of her works at http://alyssamonks.com/port.asp.

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Compromising Photos

There have been photos of me circulating the Internet over the last week.  I would like to address this before this situation gets out of hand and compromises my campaign.  I engaged in some “youthful indiscretion.”  At the time the pictures were taken, I was not old enough to be president and barely old enough to be senator.  I should note that the things I did with the plunger were not my idea.

I was under the impression that when one pays for a lady’s service for a night, that the price included privacy.  I should make sure for now on when I want pictures of my activities, I should use my camera and only my camera.

I will not post the photos here.  This is a family blog and children do visit the blog from time to time.  If you are tech savvy, you would know how to obtain the pictures.  You get them the same way everybody has been getting the Carrie Prejean photos.

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