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Guess Who I Voted For?

The photos aren’t the best quality, but it should be easy to figure out:

I will give Election Day commentary through the evening (Eastern Time) here on this blog.

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Thank You for Your Continued Support

I was asked by one of my neighbors yesterday why I was running for President.  She noted the usual reasons why one would think it is not worth it to run:  No press coverage, no invitations to debates, not getting the same discounts for lap dances that politicians get, etc.  I told her that it is because there is a large segment of people who would rather see me in the White House than any Republican or Democrat.  Below are some photos posted on websites of supporters:

Browns fan from Shaker Heights, OH

How a supporter envisions what Mount Rushmore will look like in ten years after I serve my two terms.


A couple of very nice ladies preparing for Election Night and “Orgies for Abstinence VI”.

I would like to thank John for finding these photos and sharing them with the campaign.  If you have any campaign photos you like to share, feel free to send them to me and I’ll give you a shout out in a future blog entry.


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Easter Sunday Night Radio Show

The next radio show will not be until Easter Night (April 12) at 10:00PM Eastern.  This is the show to listen to while munching on Easter candy or enjoying a egg salad sandwich.  I will play my keyboard and play some music.  (I don’t know too many chords, but I am pretty good at picking up the melody by ear.)  I might even talk about politics.

UPDATE:  The Easter show has been canceled and has been replaced with the Tea Party Show on Wednesday, April 15 at 10:00PM Eastern / 7PM Pacific.

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Don’t Expect Much This Week

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is usually pretty slow in the world of politics.  Between college bowl games, family commitments, the “Hello Kitty” Meetup group tomorrow night, and feeling slightly under the weather, I will not have much to write the rest of the week.  I will keep an eye on the news and give commentary when needed.  Otherwise, have a Happy New Year.

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Congressman John Hall debates Republican challenger Kieran Lalor on the Wall Street “bail out.” « Putnam Valley Democrats.

The Putnam County Democrats censored my reply to their video of Congressman John Hall (D-NY) supporting the ill-advised bailout of banks.  My reply was that the NY Times has an article that question where the bailout money went.

Does censoring my answer make the Democrats better than the Republicans?  Can’t they answer my criticism with something supporting their argument?

Let’s not assume that the Republicans are much better… because they’re not.  Both parties want to moderate replies because both parties have caused the economic debacle that we are facing.  The economy will get worse because the two parties of censorship are more interested in maintaining their image than to listen to ideas that will save our country.

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Poll: How Did You First Find This Site?

I would like to thank you for coming here.  I would especially like to thank you if you are a regular (Even those who don’t support the campaign).  Please tell me how you first came to this site.  This information is needed so that I can better manipulate the masses understand the electorate.

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An Open Letter to the Electoral College (revised)

Dear Electoral Collegian:

You will be representing your state on Monday as you cast the vote that counts for president.  Instead of voting for the person you have been assigned to vote for, I would like to suggest why you should vote for me (Ahmnodt Heare) for President.

Americans want change.  Nobody has a platform with as much change as I do.  Unlike my opponents, I do not have a party to bog down my agenda.  I am the only candidate with programs to jump start the economy without using taxpayers’ dollars.

I thank you for your service and for your duty in serving in the Electoral College.  If I am elected president, I will fund the Electoral College’s sports program so it can compete with the SEC, Big 10, Pac 10, and other major conferences.


Ahmnodt Heare

Independent Candidate for President

Ahmnodt Heare for America.  Ahmnodt Heare for You.

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