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The Most Encouraging Poll Yet

Many polls show President Obama beating a generic Republican candidate by approximately five percentage points.  When compared with most Republican presidential candidates head-to-head, Obama holds a three-to-fifteen percentage point lead.  Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are both in a statistical dead heat with Obama.  Someone has an astronomical lead over Obama, but the media has not reported it yet.  That somebody is Ahmnodt Heare.

I had felt confident for a while, but even I was shocked by the current lead I am holding of 68-32%.  I have yet to see the results of how I am fairing against the Republican field, but I am guessing the results will be close to the same.

The election is ten months away.  it remains to be seen if I can hold a 36% lead over President Obama or any other candidate, but time will tell.  Resting on my laurels is not an option.  I want to win by 150% or more against everybody.

The weekend was very busy and I missed a couple of posts.  Tomorrow will be the review of 2011 (October-December).  Wednesday will be my much-anticipated (I hope) preview and predictions of 2012.

Happy New year from the entire Ahmnodt Heare for President campaign team!

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Follow-Up Report

Last week I posed a question about blogging.  One-third of those polled no longer blog.  Out of the two-thirds who still blog, half of them blog once or twice a day while the other half blog almost daily.  Ten percent don’t know what a blog is.

The results were different among those who were not polled with two-thirds saying they have never blogged nor do they read blogs.  Twenty percent say they read blogs, but refuse to read my blog.  I will continue to not poll them.   The rest blog and read blogs, but wonder why I didn’t poll them.

The conclusion I have come up with is that more people are blogging than ever before.  But while more people are blogging, few people are reading blogs written by other people.  One blogger told me that he wrote an entry about controlling one’s weight in July, but nobody has read it.  I have read it and it is shows through pictures how he has lost over 20 pounds.

For my fellow bloggers, continue blogging. For those who have always wanted to blog, but have never blogged before, here is a good place to start.  For those with no intention of blogging, meh.

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The People Have Spoken

I would like to thank the 759 people who took part in the poll.  (This includes the 363 people who did not vote for Ahmnodt Heare.)  Sarah Palin jumped out to a large lead, but lost momentum following her speech to the Tea Party and her not being at CPAC.  Below are the poll results:

2012 Presidential Election Poll

Margin of Error: +/- 3.5%

Voting for “Other” was broken up as follows:

Ron Paul – 4 votes

Dennis Kucinich – 2 votes

Ahmnodt Heare – 1 vote

Ahmnodt Shure – 1 vote

“I’m not Here” – 1 vote

NOTE:  This poll was not scientific.  No dolphins were hurt in conducting this poll.  Your mileage may vary.  Void where prohibited.

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Ahmnodt Approved by All

A recent poll shows that Independent candidate for President Ahmnodt Heare is enjoying a 100% approval rating.  That is higher than Nancy Pelosi’s.  The Ahmnodt Heare for President campaign would like to thank everybody for their approval.

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