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Questions About Health Care

Now that the Senate version of the health care bill is now law (it passed by a 219-212 vote), I have a few questions that I hope somebody can answer for me.

  • The antics in Washington have made me sick on and off for a few years.  Is this considered a “preexisting condition” and if it is, when will I be able to get insurance for it?
  • I heard that only a portion of the health care law will be in effect right away with the rest of the law not taking effect until 2014.  Which portions take effect now?  With my luck, only the taxing part takes effect now.
  • If I adopt a dog, would I be able to get health insurance for it?
  • Now that health insurance is going to be mandated, if I don’t get health insurance and am forced to pay a fine, where do they think I am going to get the money to get to pay the fine?

Many Americans are unhappy with this as am I.  I want you to remember this in 2012 that I would have vetoed this if I was President.  The Democrats will feel the brunt of this decision in November as many legislators will soon be alongside their fellow constituents looking for work.  It will be harder for them to find work because they will have to look for employment for a company who got shafted by the new health care law.

I don’t want to make this blog entry as a free pass to vote Republican.  Those of us with a memory realize that it wasn’t too long ago that Republicans had both houses of Congress and the White House.  People voted Democrats to try to atone for Republican failures.  We need to break the vicious cycle of replacing one failure with another.  This can only be done by voting third party candidates and independents like myself.


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