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Almost a Senator

I almost became a U.S. Senator representing Illinois.  I did not have the money to pay Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich for the job.  I thought that $100 would have been enough, but it wasn’t.  He wanted more money, and I was going to take out a loan to buy the position, but the federal authorities stepped in and ruined my chance to be a Senator.

I do not know why the authorities fear me so much.  Whether it is the federal or local authorities, people seem to go out of their way to make sure I don’t hold office.  I doubt they are Canadian, since they work for our government.  The only logical explanation is that the Cinemafia has infiltrated our government and is willing to do the same thing to our country as they have done to their industry.

Things like this happen when I am not elected President.  I hope you have learned your lesson.


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The President-Elect

I must admit I am a bit confused.  I was under the impression that Barack Obama was all about “change.”  Rahm Emanuel to Bill Richardson, this administration looks like it will be Bill Clinton’s third term.  I guess our next president can be called Barack Obubba.

I was the agent of change America wanted in 2008.  I will be the agent of change in 2012.

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A Glaring Omission

I have noticed many names being thrown around for cabinet positions for President-elect Barack Obama’s cabinet.  Names like Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, and John McCain have been mentioned for various positions.  But neither President-elect Obama nor the media pundits has mentioned Ahmnodt Heare.

It might be true that I don’t have much experience with foreign policy, banking (besides making deposits and overdraft protection), or the military, I do have a vast amount of experience in the theme of President-elect Obama’s campaign:  Change.

I would probably do things differently than the ways things are done now.  That’s because I have no idea what President Bush is doing.  I would do things differently by default.

Ahmnodt Heare being omitted from a cabinet position is bad for America and will decrease the likelihood that “change I can believe in” will occur.

I don’t

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