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My Message is Reaching the Entire World

It is sad that the United States is not the only country having to deal with the Cinemafia.  This is why I was pleased that an Israeli MP is planning to do something about it.  The “Yediot Aharonot” newspaper (Not to be confused with the Cinemafia-ran The “Idiot Ahmnodt” newspaper) is reporting that Likud Party MP Carmel Shama plans to introduce legislation that would make popcorn more affordable in theaters.

Shama said, “We have to put an end to this. The public should not have to mortgage their houses for a soft drink and a snack,”  I could not agree with him more.  I first mentioned this live-blogging one of the Obama-McCain debates.  It is refreshing to see not only my message resonating, but hopefully soon to be enacted.

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Telepathic Teleconference Summary

It didn’t go as well as I thought.  There were more people teleconferencing than I had planned.  There were a couple who joined the teleconference not to ask questions, but to disrupt the meeting,  Unfortunately, they were successful.

A woman had concerns that my plan to make movies more affordable wasn’t a free market solution.  As I tried to answer her question, chants of “Ahmnodt Sucks” could be felt by those of us using telepathy.  I wasn’t able to trace the telepathetic hijackers.  I do not know if they were just a bunch of teenagers causing a ruckus or if it was Cinemafioso being hellbent on making sure I am not elected.

I will answer the lady’s question now.  While my plan is not free market, neither is the system the Cinemafia imposes now.  You can’t bring your own popcorn and soda to a movie theater.  The Cinemafia also uses the same old actors paying them millions and skyrocketing the production costs of a movie.

I will be looking at telepathy encryption options before I host another telepathy teleconference.  American’s voices deserve to be heard, even if their views suck.  The right to free speech ends when one hijacks another’s right to free speech.  I am getting a headache now as the hijackers continue to harass me, even after the teleconference has ended.  Time for me to rest.

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