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Election Day and Election Night

Today is Election Day in the United States.  Many people will vote for Democrats or Republicans thinking they will change the direction our country is heading in.  Others will not vote because they feel it doesn’t matter.  Some of you want to voice your dissatisfaction with what candidates are available.

If you want to voice your dissatisfaction, I am here to help.  You can go to your voting station and write in “Ahmnodt Heare.”  If you don’t want me to win, don’t worry.  I will not accept any office this year because I am running for President of the United States.  If I should win and I refuse to accept the position, you will be glad to know that you will not be represented because it won’t be your representative raising taxes and increasing spending.

Regardless of whether you voted today or not, you are invited to join one of the many “Orgies for Abstinence” popping up at hotels, political rallies, and places of worship across the country.  I will be at the one in Pittsburgh.  If abstinence is not your thing, you can listen to my election special tonight at 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific.  I will explain what the results available will mean for America as well as show what the elections will mean for my chances to win in 2012.

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