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Homer, Mickey, and Peter

There will be people who will use their vote to “protest.”  Some people will never vote for whomever the Democratic and Republican Parties spew at them.  Most of these people will vote for another party (Libertarian, Green, Reform, Constitution, etc.) or will vote for somebody with no party affiliation.  Some people would rather stay at home.

This is for those “protest” voters who spend hours in line waiting to vote on Election Day only to vote for a fictional character.  This is potentially dangerous.  On the surface, you think you are voting for Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, or Mickey Mouse to run the country.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Homer, Peter, and Mickey.  I trust them more with nuclear weapons than I do with either Barack Obama, Rick Santorum, or Mitt Romney.  The problem becomes who runs the country should one of these characters become President.  (Mickey Mouse and Homer Simpson have had over 2,000 votes for President in the past)  Mickey Mouse is a registered trademark of Disney.  Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin are trademarks owned by Fox Corp.  Both companies are huge supporters of the Cinemafia.

While I am a fictional character as well, I am not owned by a corporation.  Unlike other fictional characters, I have a platform available for all to see.  I will run the country based on my platform via my campaign manager (who is a real person.)

Be careful how you vote.  You could “protest” by voting for someone who is owned by a company who spends millions lobbying to keep things the same, or you can vote for someone who really wants things to be better for all Americans (even if he doesn’t really exist.)

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