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2012 NFL Season – Week 11

Last Week:8-6 (.573) Best Bets: 2-1 (.667)
Season to Date: 67-78-1 (.462) Best Bets: 14-15-1 (.483)

Too little – too late.  I realized I picked a bad weekend to go to Virginia because the Redskins had a bye and I couldn’t watch them on TV regardless of where I was,

One non-football related note:  You can tell I did not win the election because suddenly people want to secede from the Union.(And Puerto wants to join.)

Another non-football note:  Former CIA Director David Petraeus should be applauded for showing how a sex scandal is supposed to work.  This is compelling me to look for a woman to marry so I can cheat on her with a hottie.  The media will get a hold of the story and give the campaign the publicity it deserves needs.

Now on to football and the winning picks:

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
11/15 8:25 ET At Buffalo -2.5 Miami
11/18 1:00 ET At Washington -3.5 Philadelphia
11/18 1:00 ET Green Bay -3.5 At Detroit
11/18 1:00 ET At Atlanta -10 Arizona
11/18 1:00 ET Tampa Bay -1.5 At Carolina
11/18 1:00 ET At Dallas -8 Cleveland
11/18 1:00 ET At St. Louis -3.5 NY Jets
11/18 4:25 ET At New England -9 Indianapolis
11/18 1:00 ET At Houston -15.5 Jacksonville
11/18 1:00 ET Cincinnati -3.5 At Kansas City
11/18 4:05 ET New Orleans -5 At Oakland
11/18 4:25 ET At Denver -7.5 San Diego
11/18 8:30 ET Baltimore -3.5 At Pittsburgh

   Monday Night Football Point Spread

11/19 8:40 ET At San Francisco -4.5 Chicago

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Gaining Traction

This says it all in my opinion.

Lesson of the Day: If you plug away at something long enough, people will take notice.  It may take longer than you like and it may not be the people you were hoping would notice, but you have to start somewhere, plant those seeds, and put together those building blocks.

I am pleased to announce that my campaign had some publicity this week.  Unlike the other publicity pieces, this was not written by anyone on my campaign staff, my running mate’s staff, or by Stephen King.  It was written by a Ron Paul supporter who had nothing but nice things to say about my campaign.

There are still four and a half months left until Election Day.  I still think I can win.  Here is why:

People are not thrilled with either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney being our next President.   Those who are voting for Obama or Romney are only doing so out of fear that the other guy will win.  Their supporters tend to type talking points more than speak from their hearts.  Talking points don’t bring enthusiasm to a campaign.  My campaign has no talking points and my supporters are smart enough to speak about the issues in their own words.

You can vote for a sound-bite candidate who is bought by AIG or McDonnell-Douglas but raises money from citizens in a vain attempt to allow you to influence them with money or you can vote for the candidate who doesn’t want your money and believes in discussing the issues and not fodder that sounds good on TV.  Vote for Ahmnodt Heare.  Ahmnodt Heare for America.  Ahmnodt Heare for You.

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Glenn Beck Attacks Ahmnodt Heare

He not only attacked me, but he also mentioned some of the frequent visitors of this blog.  He has it in for me, Pamela Villars, Claire Collins, and David.

I would like to thank Glenn Beck for bringing publicity to my campaign.  Me he continue to mention me while he still has a show.

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Publicity Problems

It was 8:55AM and I was just about ready to walk from Schaanwald to Vaduz.  There was no media:  No television, no radio, no newspapers, nobody from the media.  There weren’t any people except for a young man named Rolf.  He was wearing a green military jacket, a green military t-shirt, and faded and shredded blue jeans.  He had a bone to pick with me.  He was wondering why I was doing this walk-a-thon for Affordable Entertainment Awareness and not for allowing the good people of Liechtenstein tovote for the leader of the free world.

I explained to Rolf that my original intent was for what he wanted when I planned this trip.  However, a lady named Claudia from nearby Planken (in Liechtenstein, all the cities are nearby.  It is the Delaware of Europe.) had been following my blog for a while and she seemed irate about the cost of entertainment.  She did not seem overly concerned about being unable to vote for the leader of the free world.  So I decided to go with the Affordability Awareness campaign.

Rolf and I headed off to Vaduz.  He had handwritten a sign in German for me to carry.  The sign he had me carry said,

“Nur eine dumme Person Kampagne in Liechtenstein, um Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten.” 
He told me that it said, “It takes a special person to campaign in a country he doesn’t live in.”  I found out later it meant something different.
Rolf was filming the walk-a-thon on his camcorder while I was holding the sign.  He got plenty of closeups of just me and the sign.  People were honking their horns as they drove by.  It seemed like Claudia was wrong and Liechtensteiners wanted to vote for the leader of the free world. 
At about 2:00, I arrived in downtown Vaduz.  When the people in the streets of Vaduz saw the sign I was carrying, they started laughing.  I was puzzled that people in the rest of the country seemed to applaud my effort while they laughed at me here.
A supporter who spoke both German and English told me that the sign actually meant, “Only an idiot would campaign in Liechtenstein for the President of the United States.”  At first I was mad at Rolf, but I soon realized he was just misguided.  While it is true I am running for the President of the United States, I feel it is important that people in the free world should be able to vote for the leader of the free world.   It just happens that the leader of the free world is always American.

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