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Libya #gopdebate

My handling of Libya would be effective.  I would block their satellite feed of “Wheel of Fortune”.  That will teach Qadaffi.

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Follow Me on #Facebook and #Twitter!

I know I have sent out the invitation before, but it’s that time again.  The last time I invited people to check out my Twitter account was soon after I opened my Twitter account.  I knew nothing about mentions and hashmarks or any of that crap.  Back then my tweets were infrequent and limited to quick notes and the occasional link posting.

I have since learned to be interactive.  Interactivity is important because people want to interact.  You don’t want a dictator like Qadaffi, Mubarak, or Bloomberg.  You want a leader who is listening to you.  You also want to know that you are being listened to.

There are various media which you can follow me;

Telepathy (I am the ONLY residential candidate who offers communicating through telepathy!)





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