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Defending a Loyal Supporter

I have to admit that who I am defending here isn’t just a loyal supporter, he is my campaign manager.  He has a habit of making bonehead decisions.  Some of those bonehead decisions have involved my campaign.  Let’s just say I won’t be campaining in Liechtenstein any time soon.

There was something he posted in a New York Mets fan page on Facebook.  (Why he’s a Mets fan is beyond my comprehension, but I digress.)  It was in a reply to a high school pitcher throwing his fourth consecutive no-hitter and fellow Mets fans suggesting the Mets try to sign him.  For some reason, some people took it as a racist remark, but I did not.  Below is his comment:

“If he becomes a Mexican or Dominican citizen, he could pitch for the Mets now.”

It is said that New York fans are knowledgeable about sports.  They just don’t know who to root for.  (Go Nationals!)  The key word that he said in his quote is “citizen.”  It is key because of current Major League Baseball rules.  Major League rules prohibit a U.S. ball ballplayer from being drafted before his 18th birthday.  Teams are allowed to draft players from Latin American countries when the player turns 16 years old.

People responding to the post  did not see the word “citizen”  and jumped on the “Mexican” and “Dominican” comments.  One of them further suggested that the poster was unaware that Omar Minaya was no longer the General Manager of the Mets.  Some people have accused Minaya of favoring Latino players as free agents.  The original post does not suggest that the Mets favor Latino players. He later explained that the Mets should try to get the player (a non-Latino) to become a citizen of a Latin America country.

It’s funny how so many things end up like a Three’s Company episode.

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My Good Deed

I was walking through a park and I saw some people trying to set some wood on fire.  They called themselves the Coup Clucks Clan.  I didn’t bother to ask why they were called that or why they were wearing white robes with matching hoods. At first I was concerned because I saw a news story about gangs and how they all like to wear the same thing.  But I didn’t want to start any trouble, I just wanted to help them with their fire and go home.

It didn’t occur to me until after I got the fire for them that they had the woodpile wrong.  I usually lay them on the ground.  They had one stick coming out the ground and another stick perpendicular to the first stick.  I asked them why they were building a fire if they didn’t have any marshmallows and if it was too warm for a fire.  They said it was for “White Power.”

“Vanna White?” I asked.

“No, all whites.” the leader replied.

I left the group and headed out of the park.  Any group that wants to give power to all Whites that rightfully belongs to Vanna White is a group full of nutjobs.

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