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Not Just Yet

I was hoping that everything would have gone well with the move, but it hasn’t.  I will definitely be moving on Wednesday.  It is going to take me a few days once I get there to set up a strategic campaign plan which will utilize my resources (or lack thereof) wisely.

My first video greeting will be posted by Sunday.  The radio show will be either on Monday nights or Tuesday afternoons.  Regular blgging will resume as soon as I get my internet set up in Delaware.  (Or sooner if I live near someone with unsecured Wi-Fi.)


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Can’t Get Into It

The wear and tear from running for President of the United States is starting to pay its toll.  I am contemplating withdrawing my name from consideration.  My campaign has taken a number of hits in recent weeks:

  • My radio show is on hiatus as I try to find a time that is suitable for both me and my supporters.  I am no longer allowed to host a show between 7:00PM and 11:00PM.
  • When asking, “Who is Ahmnodt Heare” on answers.com, the reply that was given was, “That question is inappropriate.”  (This has since been changed to read, “Ahmnodt Heare is an Independent candidate for President.”
  • My bathroom is still leaking.  The runaround I keep getting has helped me lose five pounds.  The landlord says it’s condo management’s responsibility, The condo management says it’s the landlord’s responsibility and my neighbor says it’s “Bad karma, Man.”
  • My work schedule has been hectic.  Everybody wants stuff done now.  It’s like a lemmings mentality.  Once one person asks for my services, all the other lemmings follow and want my services.
  • Sometimes I feel like slamming the head of a person who deserves his head slammed against the wall.  This isn’t very presidential so I can’t do it.
  • I have been criticized for spending too much time campaigning in nudie bars and brothels.  Nudie bar workers are voters and deserve to hear my campaign as much as anybody else.  I haven’t been to a brothel in two years and when I do go to brothels, it is not to campaign.

I am hoping to find the resolve I will need to campaign for the next two years.

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No Radio Show Tonight

I am ill and am unable to host tonight’s radio show.  But be sure to listen to archived shows.  Scroll halfway down and you’ll see a list of the most recent shows.  There are over 30 shows in all.  This is the first show, which gives an overview of who I am and why I am running for president

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For Further Information…

If you have any questions about my answers tonight, you can e-mail me at ahmnodtheare”a”politician-dot-com or you can listen to my radio show tonight at 11:00PM Eastern time.

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