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2011 and the White House

This week I will be taking a look at what will be happening to Washington in 2011.  I will be looking at the House, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court, and Federal agencies.  Today I will look at the White House.

2011 will probably be the first time we will see a veto.  There will be compromises on bills as the Republican House and the Democratic Senate will have to work together to get stuff passed.  The President will pass bills that have a Democratic slant and veto bills with a Republican slant.  It will be hard to override a veto as Republicans do not have enough members in either house to override the veto.

There are staff positions that will have to be fixed.  David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel have left the White House staff.  Robert Gibbs will leave his Press Secretary job after the State of the Union Address.  Others will possibly bail out as the ship continues to speak.

Because there will be fewer bills that will pass both the House and the Senate for President Obama to sign, there will probably be ann increase in executive orders.  If President Obama needs any help with what to pass as an Executive Order, he could start with the “Issues” tab in this website.  Though he would be wise for him to do this, I doubt he will.  I thought I offer my platform to show I am willing to help America.

2011 will be a different year than what we are used to recently.  Grab the popcorn.


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Chicago, D.C.

The following is an editorial written by Independent write-in candidate for President Ahmnodt Heare.

Senator Barack Obama promised change.  He promised change in how things were going to be done in Washington.  It appears there will be change in Washington after all.  He is in the process of turning Washington into another Chicago.

Chief-of-Staff designee Rham Emanuel ratted out Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.  He did not do it because it was the right thing to do.  He did it because there was no promise that Obama would get his “cut.”

I know this is a strong allegation and I cannot prove this is what happened, but I can paint a picture without using lead paint.  Chicago has had a history of corruption that dates back to Prohibition.  Buying a politician in Illinois is as easy as waking up.  I think they might even teach classes on how to do it.

I was glad to hear Barack Obama call for Blagojevich’s resigination.  Many politicians call for corrupt politicians to resign until they become the corrupt politician.  Senator Ted Stevens did not resign.  He just missed being reelected in spite of the turmoil he put himself in by getting free renovations done on his home.

The economy is in recession.  People don’t have the money to buy off politicians.  The sooner they realize this in Chicago and Washington, the sooner we can spend money on reviving the economy and restore brothels so women won’t have to go to bed hungry.

We don’t need to change Washington into another Chicago.  Michael Jordan tried it when he played for the Washington Wizards.  Washington didn’t become Chicago then, and it won’t become Chicago now.

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The President-Elect

I must admit I am a bit confused.  I was under the impression that Barack Obama was all about “change.”  Rahm Emanuel to Bill Richardson, this administration looks like it will be Bill Clinton’s third term.  I guess our next president can be called Barack Obubba.

I was the agent of change America wanted in 2008.  I will be the agent of change in 2012.

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