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Can It Get Any Worse?

I picked a bad week to have a bunch of things go wrong.  I was supposed to attend a rally at  a veteran’s hall in Washington Township, New Jersey.  Nobody told me that there are at least two Washington Townships in New Jersey.  This is worse than the Canadian Football League having two teams called the Rough Riders.  (Saskatchewan Rough Riders and Ottawa Rough Riders [now Renegades].)

The following also happened this weekend:

  • I ran out of gas trying to get from the wrong Washington Township to the correct Washington Township.  I ended up missing my own rally.  “I’m Not Here at an Ahmnodt Heare Rally” might as well been th headline in the newspapers.
  • My computer crashed – I am currently using my campaign manager’s old laptop (which is on its last legs.)  It is a Windows XP laptop and the Service Pack 2 was never updated or installed.  I ordered a custom-built laptop which I should get later this week.
  • The water pipe in my apartment is leaking.  This is bad news considering that my floor is concrete based and has to be taken out to get to the pipes.  My bedroom looks like an astroturf football after a soaking rain.
  • The Washington Redskins lost to the New York Giants 27-23 after taking a 23-20 lead with less than two minutes to go in the game.  This especially hurts considering I now live in New Jersey about an hour from the stadium.
  • No “Family Guy” tonight.   It has been preempted by the NLCS between the St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants.

Before you answer the question, please note that it was a rhetorical question.  I am looking forward to debating tomorrow night (even if it’s the same way I had to debate the first two times and Albee Thayer had to debate in the Vice President Debate.  You are invited to join me even if the other candidates don’t want you to join them.


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Coming Soon – Campaign Photos

I was talking to one of my neighbors earlier today.  He ran for the New Jersey Senate in 2000 but lost in a landslide.  I told him that I ran for President in 2008 and am running again in 2012.  I showed him my website.  He was impressed with the number of posts I have written.  (This is my 1,103 post).

He said something that got my attention:  There are few pictures of the campaign and the few pictures there are don’t have me in the pictures.  He said all politicians show pictures of the campaign trail and go out of their way to make sure that they are included in the pictures.  Below are a few pictures at campaign rallies that I was not pictured in:

For now on, I will be taking pictures at my campaign stops.  If you happen to be at one of the rallies, feel free to take pictures and submit them to ahmnodtheare@politician.com.

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Word Gets Around

A Chinese protester was recently beaten and detained for a sign he displayed at a rally. While this isn’t a problem in most countries, suggesting a write-in candidate for Premier is a crime in China.

The sign says “Ahmnodt Heare for Premier.”  I do not know how the Chinese found out about me or my campaign, but I am deeply flattered.  The problem is that China is not part of the free world.  I am running for President of the United States.  The President of the United States is the Leader of the Free World.  While I have tried to allow votes from other free countries to vote for the Leader of the Free World, China is not part of the free world.

I am hoping China becomes free soon because they have a ton of electoral votes and the enthusiasm some people have for my campaign would give me a much needed boost.

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Getting the Word Out

While a few supporters and I were picketing in front of the local cinema multiplex protesting the Cinemafia’s influence on America, a couple of other people found a way to get the message out about my campaign at a different rally.

I must admit I did not know my platform resonated with groups like the International Socialist Organization, but there are things in my platform that pleases every political persuasion.  I have decided that on days I am on vacation, there will be no government.  This will be the second executive order I sign (Right after making Vanna White’s Birthday a national holiday.)  I am sure that “No Government” days will appeal to my anarchist friends and may even make some of them into supporters.

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If You Cannot Attend a Tea Party Today

Tonight I will be hosting an April 15 Long Island Iced tea party on BlogTalk Radio.  I realize there will be many people who will be unable to attend a tea party due to work or other commitments.  It will be a 90-minute show with information to reach the members of Congress and the Senate who are most involved with the budget and taxes.  I will also play my keyboard to keep the party going.

The show starts at 10PM Eastern / 9 Central/ 8 Mountain/ 7 Pacific.  Call-in number: (347) 945-7487

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The Days, Weeks, and Months Ahead

For the next couple of months, my campaigning for the 2012 elections will be minimal.  I will, however, be giving political and social commentary as well as giving out recipies for dishes like Strawberry Stroganoff and Sausage Parfait.

I will continue to spread the word through other avenues.  I will be holding a telepathic rally tomorrow at 8PM Eastern.  All are invited to attend.

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Requests for Speeches and Rallies

If you want to request Ahmnodt Heare to appear at a rally or to meet fellow supporters, then place a location where you want to meet on the map at the bottom of the page.  You can leave a quick note and nobody will see it until I am notified and approve the message.

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