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Post number 700

I guess this makes me a member of the “700 Club.”

If you stay with something long enough, somebody will notice.  Not only have I have had 700 posts, but almost 40,000 supporters.  I have learned a lot from blogging and interacting with readers.  I have learned that just because you blog something bad about somebody after he or she has gone to bed, doesn’t mean that the person will not find out the next day.

Since I have started blogging a year and a half ago, I have had some good moments and some bad moments.  What moment has brought you to the campaign?  Was it a particular moment here or a bad moment by another candidate?


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A Question for Anybody who Blogs

Have you ever had a day when the number of people coming to your site is down and when they come to your site, they’re not clicking on any article posted?

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My 400th Post

This is my 400th posting to this blog.  I have addressed everything from the issues and campaigning to lighter topics like the Toronto Maple Leafs and war.

Approximately 70 posts were one or two sentence posts that were answers I gave in real time to debates I was not invited to participate.

Other accomplishments:

Total views: 9,505

Busiest day: 851 — Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Posts: 400

Comments: 250

Categories: 39

Tags: 1,029

Thank you for joining the journey to a better tomorrow.

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Thank You for Making me Number One!

This blog has been ranked as the top blog in the “Independent Politics” category.  I all all the thanks to the many supporters and readers who have read my blog since I started blogging in February.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this blog today.  I need your support in 2012.  Remember to tell all of your friends and half of your enemies about this blog and this campaign.  Together we can take America back from the meanies in Washington.

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The Purposes of This Blog

This blog has a couple of purposes.  The first purpose is to inform voters of the happenings of my campaign and how I feel about the issues.  The second purpose is to encourage people who come to my blog to ask me questions about my platform and to engage in a debate about the issues.

I would like you (the reader) to get involved in this blog.  I encourage all readers to ask questions about something I have posted.  You can also say, “Neat-o!” if you agree with me or “Get Real” if you don’t agree.

I look forward to learning what is on your mind.

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Thank You Readers!

I would like to thank all the readers who took the time to read my responses to the debate questions as as I was writing it.  I would further appreciate any comments you have on any of my positions and stances.  Thank you and please consider my presidency.

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