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Follow-Up Report

Last week I posed a question about blogging.  One-third of those polled no longer blog.  Out of the two-thirds who still blog, half of them blog once or twice a day while the other half blog almost daily.  Ten percent don’t know what a blog is.

The results were different among those who were not polled with two-thirds saying they have never blogged nor do they read blogs.  Twenty percent say they read blogs, but refuse to read my blog.  I will continue to not poll them.   The rest blog and read blogs, but wonder why I didn’t poll them.

The conclusion I have come up with is that more people are blogging than ever before.  But while more people are blogging, few people are reading blogs written by other people.  One blogger told me that he wrote an entry about controlling one’s weight in July, but nobody has read it.  I have read it and it is shows through pictures how he has lost over 20 pounds.

For my fellow bloggers, continue blogging. For those who have always wanted to blog, but have never blogged before, here is a good place to start.  For those with no intention of blogging, meh.


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Blogging – End of an Era?

I would like to think I am a trendsetter.  The few times I follow somebody else’s trend I follow it early enough to make it seem like I started the trend.  I wasn’t the first to blog, but there weren’t a lot of blogs when I started blogging my campaigning adventures back in 2008.

My blogroll is different now than it was two years ago.  Many of the blogs I had on the blogroll no longer exist.  Gone are Sir Satire, Peasant Tim’s News World Order,  and The Food Here Convenience Store.  Don Mills (known to some as “Crabby Old Fart”) hung up his keyboard a couple weeks ago.  Many of those who are still on my blogroll are blogging less frequently.

Blogging frequently is not easy.  It can be difficult when the only person reading your blog is you.  While I am no longer suffering from that problem, I am well under the 400,000 readers I was expecting to have every day.

Below is a poll question.  Please take a second to take the poll.

I will post my findings from this poll and from other sources sometime next week.

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