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2012 NFL Season – Week 1

2011 Season: 122-123-9 (.498) Best Bets: 24-19-1 (.557)

Here we go again… Another NFL season ahead of us. Questions to be asked include: “Can the Giants repeat as Super Bowl Champs?” “How will the rookie quarterbacks fare?” “Will the New York Jets score a touchdown?” and “Will the replacement referees blow a call that will change the outcome of a game?” My answers are: “No.”, “Well enough to be a positive impact”, “Yes.” and “Yes.” Today’s picks are being made on a Monday, but the rest of the season, the picks will be made by 3:00PM (Eastern) on Thursday afternoons. There will be Thursday night football every week except for this week with a Wednesday night game. (The game was moved to Wednesday so more people will watch President Obama’s speech.) I canceled my Wednesday night appearance so I can watch football.

Without further ado:; here are my picks for Week 1:

NFL Point Spreads For Week 1 – Week One NFL Football Point Spread – NFL Spreads 9/5 – 9/10, 2012
Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
9/5 8:30 ET At NY Giants -4 Dallas
9/9 1:00 ET At Chicago -9.5 Indianapolis
9/9 1:00 ET Philadelphia -8 At Cleveland
9/9 1:00 ET At NY Jets -3 Buffalo
9/9 1:00 ET At New Orleans -9 Washington
9/9 1:00 ET New England -6.5 At Tennessee
9/9 1:00 ET At Minnesota -4 Jacksonville
9/9 1:00 ET At Houston -11 Miami
9/9 1:00 ET At Detroit -8 St. Louis
9/9 1:00 ET Atlanta -2.5 At Kansas City
9/9 4:25 ET At Green Bay -5.5 San Francisco
9/9 4:25 ET Carolina -2.5 At Tampa Bay
9/9 4:25 ET Seattle -2.5 At Arizona
9/9 8:25 ET At Denver -1 Pittsburgh

   Monday Night Football Point Spread

9/10 7:00 ET At Baltimore -6 Cincinnati
9/10 10:15 ET San Diego -1 At Oakland

Projected winners against the point spread in Bold – Best bets in Italics


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What is in Store

It will be a busy week for me working this week.  Most of it is due to workload, but a portion of the time is because I will spend some time in Dixville Notch, NH campaigning.  For those of you not familiar with Dixville Notch, it is a small community in New Hampshire.  The residents there vote at Midnight on Election Day.  Soon after everybody is finished voting, the town sends out a press release with the results.  It is sometimes used as a barometer to fortell how the country is doing.  (Though it’s not always accurate as Libertarian Party candidate Harry Browne won Dixville Notch in 1996.

This week will probable be limited to snippets of replies to the events taking place this week.  (Some Olympics news and my reaction to them as well as the usual stuff going on in Washington.)

The good news isn’t just that the United States defeated Canada 5-3 in men’s hockey last night.  What is also good is that there doesn’t seem to be any Cinemafia spies masquerading themselves as referees or any other sporting event officials.  I would like to take a moment to thank Canada for keeping the games clean and not letting officiating affect the outcomes of games and events.

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