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A Bad Week to Rehab

I couldn’t have picked a worse week to relapse.  So much has happened in politics  that I wanted to comment on and/or clarify.  My commenting on the computer during the last week was limited to a few tweets and an occasional “hello” on Facebook.

The fine people at the rehab are allowing me resume blogging under their watch.  The guns pointed at me are no longer at point-blank range, so I feel at ease.  The Wapp-Burney Rehabilitation wanted me to tell you that none of the allegations against them are true.  They also wanted to remain anonymous.  I told them I would.

Why is Rudy Giuliani running for President?  He has about as much chance of winning as the sun setting in the east.  At least he could beat Rick Santorum.  The former senator from Pennsylvania moved to Virginia while representing Pennsylvanians.  Where will he move to if he becomes President?  Herman Cain is going to have a hard time winning primaries in the northeast, where real pizza is made.  Gary Johnson has some good ideas, but the news networks don’t want to hear good ideas, so chances are Gary Johnson and I will not be invited to debates any time soon.  The Newtered One sounded more like a social studies teacher than a presidential candidate.  Besides, it’s hard to win an election when your campaign team supports Tim Pawlenty.

Four Republicans have a realistic shot of winning their party’s nomination.  Mitt Romney can win if America forgets about RomneyCare.  Tim Pawlenty can win if America remembers RomneyCare.  Congresswoman Michele Bachmann can win if the Tea Party cartel expands.  Ron Paul can win if the vote counts are not tampered.

I have written enough for today.  It’s time for my dephonicication session.

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