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Following the Constitution

Like most presidential candidates, I believe the president is accountable and the powers of the President should be limited to those granted in the Constitution.  Unlike the other candidates, I plan on fully limiting my powers to those granted in the Constitution.

Sadly, our last few presidents haven’t particularly cared for the Constitution.  Former President Bush called the Constitution a, “God damned piece of paper.”  He also sent and kept our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan without a formal declaration of war being declared by Congress.  Our current president is no better.  He withdrew a few troops from Iraq only to add more troops to Afghanistan.  He also sent troops to Libya on a “NATO mission.”  What a NATO mission basically means is a military action funded by the United States and fought with American troops with a foreigner in charge of military action.

I would withdraw all troops from these areas unless I receive a formal declaration of war from Congress.  Troops would be limited to Canada.  As I have stated before, a war with Canada would only be fought from 9-5 from Monday through Friday.  There would be no war on weekends or holidays.  If I can’t be bothered with crap on weekends and holidays, our troops shouldn’t be bothered either.  This is leadership by example.

I will only serve two terms (unless I am not reelected).    Americans will be encouraged to practice free speech against the Canadian government.  Freedom of religion will be recognized to all Christians (even Baptists.)  The Constitution is the law of the land and I can live with that.


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Why Equality is a Myth

A = B and B = A.  When people are A, they want to equal B.  But when people are B, they don’t want to equal A.  The reality is that people want to be equal in some aspects, but not in other aspects.  Because of this mindset, equality is a myth.

People who don’t have rights want the same rights as people who do have rights.  People who aren’t allowed to vote want to vote like people who are allowed to vote.  Those who can’t practice religion want to practice religion like those who who can.  People who aren’t allowed to download pornography desire to download risqué pictures like those who are allowed.

However, people who don’t have responsibilities don’t want the same responsibilities as those who do.  The poor want to be rich, but wouldn’t want to pay the same taxes as the rich.  Entry-level employees want the same benefits as those in upper management, but don’t want to put in the hours or deal with the headaches as their bosses.

If you’re going to fight for equality. fight for total equality.  A can’t equal B if B doesn’t equal A.  if you want to be like rich people, fight for your right to pay more taxes.  If you want more hours, fight for your right to make your job thankless.  Otherwise, you are not fighting for true equality and the “equality” you are fighting for becomes a myth.

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A Look at my Platform – Church and State

Over the next couple weeks, I will take issues from my platform and further explain my positions. Today, I will discuss my views on church and state.

I am for the separation of Church and State. If clergy were to become state employees, that would be yet another union that AFSCME would represent and soak taxpayers by demanding higher wages. They would all want Sundays off, which would close many houses of worship.

There has to be a separation between church and state.  If the church and the state become intertwined, then the clergy would end up being state employees and unionized.  This would lead to:

  • Paying clergy premium pay to work on Sunday.  Some churches are only opened on Sunday.  This will be costly for all churches.
  • Breaks in a middle of a sermon.  Not only would a clergy person not be allowed to preach during his or her break, but healing a parishioner during a clergy’s break would be strictly prohibited.
  • All religions have holidays.  These holidays would give all clergy holiday pay in addition to regular pay.  Sunday pay and holiday pay for clergy might compel places of worship to increase the tithe rate to 15 or 20%.
  • By combining church and state, churches would have to have services for all holidays and not just religious holidays.  Who wants to hear a sermon on Independence Day?
  • There will be a huge stigma placed on people who crosses a clergy’s picket line.  Striking clergy will also cause confusion among parishioners.  Will they follow their leader which the Bible says or will they go to church?

Keeping church and state separate  will make worship more affordable and less confusing for parishioners everywhere.

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Religious Influences

Some of my religious influences include Father Guido Sarducci, Touchdown Jesus, and Homer Simpson. They guide me through my trials and tribulations.

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Seeking a Religious Endorsement

Barack Obama has Jeremiah Wright. John McCain has John Hagee. I am looking for a religious endorsement. But I don’t want just any religious endorsement. I would really like the endorsement of Father Guido Sarducci.

Father Sarducci has a unique way of communicating with the masses. I will not just be looking for an endorsement from him, I will seek his advice and spiritual guidance.

If you know Father Guido Sarducci, please tell him about my blog and ask him if he would endorse me.

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