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My Reaction Tonight

I will give my reaction to President Obama’s speech to the nation soon after the speech is over.  I will not be blogging in real-time as I have in the past.

Tonight’s speech is supposed to explain why we are in Libya and why we are siding with Al-Qaeda against Gadaffy (Or Qadaffi, Qaddafi, or however his name is spelled this week).

The speech starts at 7:30PM Eastern (5:30PM Mountain).


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Real-Time Blogging Tonight

I will be giving my reactions to President Obama’s speech to Congress.  I will also be giving my reactions to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s response.

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Poll: How Did You First Find This Site?

I would like to thank you for coming here.  I would especially like to thank you if you are a regular (Even those who don’t support the campaign).  Please tell me how you first came to this site.  This information is needed so that I can better manipulate the masses understand the electorate.

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