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2011 – The Debacle (July – September)

The Cinemafia was in full force in July.  Not only did they hack my computer again, but they jammed my podcasts and sent me hate mail. There wasn’t a good movie in July either.

August was more productive, but not productive enough to take the suck out of 2011.  I finally found a running mate that isn’t under 35, a convict, or Canadian.  I also became the first presidential candidate to present an earthquake prevention plan.  I also live-blogged one of the debates among the Republicans.

September was a bad month.  I had quit campaigning, only to resume when I saw America getting worse with none of the candidates offering any good ideas.  I did get an enthusiastic demographic  when I resumed my campaign.  Another month, another debate I wasn’t invited to.


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80,000 and Counting

I am pleased to announce that over 80,000 people have visited my blog.  Many people who have stopped by have been supportive of the campaign.  A few have not been supportive.  Those people include the Cinemafia, Betty White supremacists, hard-core Republicans and Democrats, and dentists.

Spammers have not been included in the count, or the count would be much higher.  Those who read the blog telepathically have not been counted because WordPress has said they do not have an accurate way to count telepathic hits.  Famous politicians who have read this blog and have used either my campaign strategy or in their platform include President Obama, Sarah Palin, John McCain, and most recently, Carl Paladino.

Unlike the past, when I had a mad rush of people looking for Grandma Oudda’s famous Strawberry Stroganoff recipe or paying tribute to Billy Mays, the people lately have been coming mainly looking for an alternative in 2012.  It seems for many of these people, I have been that alternative and for that I am honored.

Thank everybody for your continued support and together we can win this thing in 2012!

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How to Help Democrats and Republicans

Just because I don’t belong to either the Democratic or the Republican parties, does not mean I am unwilling to help them.  Both parties have the bad habit of shooting themselves in the foot.  I am willing to help both parties by buying them bullets so that they may continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

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Congressman John Hall debates Republican challenger Kieran Lalor on the Wall Street “bail out.” « Putnam Valley Democrats.

The Putnam County Democrats censored my reply to their video of Congressman John Hall (D-NY) supporting the ill-advised bailout of banks.  My reply was that the NY Times has an article that question where the bailout money went.

Does censoring my answer make the Democrats better than the Republicans?  Can’t they answer my criticism with something supporting their argument?

Let’s not assume that the Republicans are much better… because they’re not.  Both parties want to moderate replies because both parties have caused the economic debacle that we are facing.  The economy will get worse because the two parties of censorship are more interested in maintaining their image than to listen to ideas that will save our country.

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Election Integrity

It seems that every time I turn on the news, there is some kind of voter hijinx caused by either the Democratic or Republican parties.  Whether it involves peculiarities in registration or it involves purging legitimate voters from the voter lists, both Democrats and Republicans are involved in the shenanigans.

If they think that the office of the President of the United States is a public service position (as I do), then there is no need to cheat.  Nobody ever cheated to be dog catcher or meter maid.  I believe in serving the public.  I don’t have to raise millions of dollars to explain this.

If Senators McCain and Obama are as honorable as they claim to be, then their campaigning and their parties should quit cheating and telling half-truths on the campaign trail.  The truth is that they are both afraid of my campaign and want me to go away.

A vote for Ahmnodt Heare sends many messages:

  1. You don’t want the cheating and the less than ethical campaigns both candidates are running.
  2. You don’t just want change, you want change for the better.  You want a president whose mother will not allow him to run for office like a snake-oil salesman.
  3. You want a candidate whose campaign is more than saying the other candidate is bad.  You want someone who runs on his or her record.
  4. You do not want a candidate who will raise spending by 5% instead of 10% bragging that he or she “cut spending”.  Leave the satire to us professionals.

If you want to be lied to, misrespected, or your intelligence insulted, then feel free to vote for either Senator Obama or Senator McCain.  If you want change for the better and to be respected, then tell your fellow Americans “Ahmnodt Heare” on Election Day.

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Ridenbaugh Press » Spokane’s Iraq revolt

Ridenbaugh Press » Spokane’s Iraq revolt

Spokane would be the perfect place to pitch my foreign policy message. The Republicans there want out of Iraq and with their relative proximity to Canada, it would be a good place for the “9-5” war on Canada with the troops coming home for dinner every night. This will keep morale high.

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