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Vacation Mode

I will be in full vacation mode for the next two weeks.  I will not be campaigning nor will be working.  I will be spending the next week in Virginia Beach with a Monday trip to Washington DC to drop off my daughter.  Patricia was picked up after school and will be spending the three day weekend with me.  (Veteran’s Day is on Sunday, observed on Monday, and forgotten about on Tuesday.)  It’s too chilly for swimming this time of year, but it’s nice for walking along the beach.

It’s going to be good to just relax.  No deadlines.  No vigorous campaign schedule. No  nudie bars are visits to cemeteries trying to get votes.  Just, rest, relaxation, and the best chance to restore my sanity.

Next Sunday is a stay at my parents’ home in Washington.  I will be there until the day after Thanksgiving (Columbus Day in Canada)  before heading home for some final relaxation at home.


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Taking a Breather

I have had over 1,000 blog entries over the last two and a half years.  I have written about a variety of topics during the time.  It is time for me to take a week hiatus.

It is not that the desire isn’t there, it’s that nothing is begging me to write about it.  Coming up with something to write everyday can be taxing.

I will return a week from Monday (Labor Day in the United States, Labour Day in Canada).  Have a good week!

Note:  There will be no radio show this week either.

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