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An Easter Story

This is not your typical Easter story.  It has nothing to do with bunnies, eggs, chocolate, bonnets, or the resurrection of Jesus.  And although it does involve a family outing, it wasn’t my family with the outing.

I went to the Chinese restaurant for take-out to bring home.  Circumstances prevented me from traveling to see family this year,  so dinner was going to be a quiet day alone.  I couldn’t even do that right.  I ran into my neighbors, who were there for their family Easter Dinner.  They invited me to join them.  I did under the pretense that it was just my neighbors and their two children.  It was his parents, her parents, his mother’s brother, the wife’s brother and sister, their spouses and children.

His family and her family do not get along.  The reason why they had dinner at the Chinese restaurant to begin with was because their families couldn’t agree on who was going to host dinner.  The only restaurants in town open on Easter were the Chinese restaurant and the diner and the diner parking lot was full.

Like any other family disaster, the topic during dinner was politics.  I really didn’t want to do anything near campaigning because it was a holiday and I just wanted some peace of mind after the week I had with the tests and April Fool’s Day and all the other fiascoes I had to deal with.  The husband’s family are Obama supporters, the wife’s family are Romney supporters, and the nosy people dining at the table behind me were Santorum supporters.

It was only a matter of time before I had enough of the bickering and touted why I would be a better candidate than any of those people.  They ridiculed everything I said though all three of their candidates would equate to yet another George W. Bush term (The second straight term served by someone other than George W. Bush.  We were all escorted out by police following the food fight and loud vulgar language.

This weekend and this Easter were disappointing.  I am looking forward to getting back to the grind tomorrow.  Winging it just isn’t working.



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A Salute to Servers

I worked in a restaurant during my sophomore and junior years in college.  I could go on all day about the horrors I endured while waiting on tables.  It was these horrors that made me appreciate the work servers do when I dine while on the campaign trail.

Servers are paid $2.13 per hour from their employers.  The current rate for any other profession is $7.15 per hour.  The other $5.02 per hour is supposed to come from tips.  Servers don’t just wait on tables – they also make sure the condiments are full.  They vacuum and mop floors and clean the bathrooms.  Let’s not forget they clean tables after every customer to assure you have a clean table when you are seated.  (Some people are impatient and sit at a table before a server cleans the table off from the last customer – this is a no-no!)

To get a deeper understanding of what a server goes through day-in and day-out, below are a couple of blogs.

Do You Do That at Home?

F*ck my Table (NOTE:  The letter “u” was replaced with an asterisk because my mother reads my blog.)

Contrary to popular belief, not every server will become a Hollywood star.  Many of them have children and live solely on what they make at work.  Remember that they are servers and not servants.

If you spend $50 on dinner, the tip should be AT LEAST $7.50.  But let’s assume you are a good tipper and tip 20% ($10.00).  Because you are a good tipper does not give you a license to treat another person rudely.  Would you want to be treated like crap for a few extra dollars?

If you dine out during the Christmas season, please respect your server and realize how much work it takes to make your dining experience a pleasure.

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