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Generating Revenue Without Increasing Taxes

I am more interested in cutting spending.  But if I had no choice but to increase revenue, I would do it by taking over revenue by overthrowing countries that have a higher per capita income than the United States. Many of these countries currently have a higher tax rate than the United States and would benefit with lower taxes than they currently are paying.

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My Comprehensive Plan to Stop Foreclosures

I was reading about the new baseball stadiums built in New York City when I came up with this idea.  Let the government buy all the property and build houses and give them to us.

This idea is not without precedent.  Taxpayers have been paying for stadiums and arenas for years.  The benefactors of these buildings have been the teams that play in the arenas and stadiums, not the taxpayers.  The government says that these buildings generate tax revenues.

If the government was to buy and build everybody a house, it would generate a lot of revenue and create a ton of jobs.  It would generate tax revenue because everybody would pay property tax because everybody would own a house.  This would also create a lot of long term jobs because it would take a very long time to create houses for everybody.

This plan kills two birds with one stone and would end homelessness.  Please tell your elected officials about this great idea.  This shouldn’t have to wait until I become president to get enacted.

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