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Why Equality is a Myth

A = B and B = A.  When people are A, they want to equal B.  But when people are B, they don’t want to equal A.  The reality is that people want to be equal in some aspects, but not in other aspects.  Because of this mindset, equality is a myth.

People who don’t have rights want the same rights as people who do have rights.  People who aren’t allowed to vote want to vote like people who are allowed to vote.  Those who can’t practice religion want to practice religion like those who who can.  People who aren’t allowed to download pornography desire to download risqué pictures like those who are allowed.

However, people who don’t have responsibilities don’t want the same responsibilities as those who do.  The poor want to be rich, but wouldn’t want to pay the same taxes as the rich.  Entry-level employees want the same benefits as those in upper management, but don’t want to put in the hours or deal with the headaches as their bosses.

If you’re going to fight for equality. fight for total equality.  A can’t equal B if B doesn’t equal A.  if you want to be like rich people, fight for your right to pay more taxes.  If you want more hours, fight for your right to make your job thankless.  Otherwise, you are not fighting for true equality and the “equality” you are fighting for becomes a myth.

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A Group Endorsement

A group in New York called, “Stripped of Our Rights” has endorsed my campaign. This is the first official endorsement by a group. They are extremely disappointed with President Obama’s record on human rights and that he still has us involved in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They are not happy with my wanting to war with Canada, but they have reviewed my platform thoroughly and concluded that I would be a better choice for President than either Obama or whomever the Republicans put out there.

New York based group, "Stripped of Our Rights" has endorsed Ahmnodt Heare for Predisent for the 2012 election.

I thank them for their endorsement and look forward with working with the group in the future.

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Is Health Care a Right or a Responsibility?

It is neither,  It is a priviledge,  Nobody had health care in 1800.  Why should anybody automatically have it now?  If we gave health care in 1800, maybe some of those people would be alive today.

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