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Odds and Ends and Stuff

A lot has happened this past week and things have changed this week.  I was campaigning in New York State and felt the wrath of Mother Nature (Believe me, it was a mother!)  Many of my campaign stops had to be postponed or canceled.  I decided not to moderate a debate on global warming and climate change because it was in Rochester, NY and every time there is a big conference on global warming, it gets canceled due to snow.  They were calling for snow in Rochester over the weekend and I didn’t want to get stuck.

Saturday was my travel day (back home).  Sunday was football, football, and more football.  The traveling I have done in recent weeks has paid a toll on my car.  It will be in the shop tomorrow for car repairs, an oil change, and one of those pine-tree scented air fresheners.

Tomorrow is the State of the Union Address.  When I conducted a poll last week, I was under the impression that the address was going to be at 8PM Eastern.  I was mistaken.  (It happens)  The speech will be at 9:00PM Eastern.This will be my schedule:

  • Tuesday 9PM Eastern – I will blog my reactions to the State of the Union address as well as the Republican response by Rep. Paul Ryan and the Tea Party response by Rep. Michele Bachmann.
  • No radio show Tuesday Night – it has been moved to Thursday Night 9:00PM Eastern.  The show will start off with my “State of the Union Address.”  I will also summarize President Obama’s State of the Union address as well as responses by Reps. Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann as well as the homeless guy from down the street.

I am back home and things are starting to return to normal.  (By “normal”, I mean the way things were two weeks ago.)  I will try to blog every day, but cannot promise it will be in the “Post-a-Day 2011” campaign by WordPress standards.


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Taking a Pass

I was honored to be asked to moderate a debate about global warming this weekend in Rochester, NY.  People who believe global warming exists and people who do not thought I would be the perfect moderator as I would only fight global warming when it’s hot.

I turned down this request after much deliberation and serious thought,  This debate would have given me some much-needed exposure.  The reason for the decline is simple.  Every time there is a global warming debate or lecture in the winter, it gets canceled due to snow.  If global warming is to be taken seriously, it should be held in the summer in Death Valley.

I like Rochester.  Kodak is there.  Kodak video cameras were popular in pre-Cinemafia Hollywood.  Rochester has that down-home big city feel.  Somebody from Rochester voted for me in 2008, so I know Rochester has good family values.

My one concern is being stuck in a lake-effect snowstorm.  This phenomenon is popular during the winter.  There is a lot to do in Rochester, but you can’t do too many of them when the city is digging itself from four feet of snow,  One of the activities that can’t be done is moderate a debate about global warming.  Nobody will be able to show up.

i will be honored to moderate a global warming in Rochester during the summer.   Being stuck in a snowstorm away from home sucks.  Let me be stuck at home.

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