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Get it Right

It’s been a long time since America has had a President with a positive approval rating among independents.  The last president who was popular among independents like me was Ronald Reagan.  We have had two Republican presidents and two Democratic presidents since then.  I haven’r been impressed with any of the presidents since Reagan and neither have many independents.

I have been looking at qualities that Reagan and I have that neither Clinton, Obama, nor either of the Bush Presidents have.  The most glaring trait is that Reagan and I are right-handed while the others are all left-handed.  It’s not the wing that matters in presiding over a country, it’s the hand a president uses.

Right-handed presidents bring America in the right direction.  Left-handed presidents bring us in the wrong direction.  Recent history has proven this.  You can either re-elect a left-handed president who will bring America in the same wrong direction since 1989, or you can vote for a right-handed candidate like Ahmnodt Heare, who will bring America in the right direction.


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Cinemafia in World Governments

The Cinemafia’s infiltration in world governments started innocently enough in April 1956 in the tiny Principality of Monaco when Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, married Hollywood starlet and Cinemafiosa Grace Kelly.  Nobody really paid much attention because Monaco isn’t exactly a military powerhouse with an overly-aggressive foreign policy.

Fast forward to 1980.  Americans elect a B-Rate actor who was the former president of the Screen Actors’ Guild.  Movies like “Back to the Future”, “The Breakfast Club”, and “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off” are deemed classics.  Not because they are among the best movies ever made; but because there is a good chance you will see at least one of these movies on USA Network or TBS next weekend.  They seem like classics compared to the crap the Cinemafia spews today.  Today’s movies are so bad that they had to re-release “Titanic” in theaters last weekend.  (They also made a pretty penny “celebrating” the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

USA Network is also the home of the lastest Cinemafioso Anthony Shalhoub.  He plays Adrian Monk on “Monk” and also plays the role of French President Nicholas Sarkozy.

A stern Nicholas Sarkozy interrupts a reporter who was asking a question about the final season of "Monk".

The Cinemafia is everywhere but they can be defeated.  While they are currently serving as various heads-of-state, legislators, and lobbyists; they can be shown the curb by candidates who will not accept blood money.  I am one of those candidates.  I will give my opponents a GPS so they don’t get lost on their way to the curb.  Vote for me on November 6.  Together we can save the Great American Entertainment Industry.

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