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Thank You for Your Continued Support

I was asked by one of my neighbors yesterday why I was running for President.  She noted the usual reasons why one would think it is not worth it to run:  No press coverage, no invitations to debates, not getting the same discounts for lap dances that politicians get, etc.  I told her that it is because there is a large segment of people who would rather see me in the White House than any Republican or Democrat.  Below are some photos posted on websites of supporters:

Browns fan from Shaker Heights, OH

How a supporter envisions what Mount Rushmore will look like in ten years after I serve my two terms.


A couple of very nice ladies preparing for Election Night and “Orgies for Abstinence VI”.

I would like to thank John for finding these photos and sharing them with the campaign.  If you have any campaign photos you like to share, feel free to send them to me and I’ll give you a shout out in a future blog entry.


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Do You Know Donald Trump?

The Donald is looking for celebrities for the next “Celebrity Apprentice”.  One of the people rumored to be included in the next cast is one of Tiger Wood’s old flings.  I have always wanted to be on “The Apprentice.”  It doesn’t matter if it’s the celebrity version or the generic version with a bunch of nobodies.

If you know The Donald or know how to contact him, please ask him to consider me for the next show.  I have a lot to offer and can go far into the show, possibly winning the whole thing.  Below are some of the reasons why I should be considered:

  • I am a hard worker – I have been self employed since 2001.  I ran a small landscaping company from 2001 to 2006.  I have been a freelance marketing consultant since 2005.  Most of 2005 was spent with both businesses.
  • I get along with people – You will not get far in marketing or consulting if you don’t get along and understand people.
  • I get things done – It’s the only way one can stay self-employed as long as I have.
  • It will be a huge boost to my campaign – Many of the skills needed to succeed at “Celebrity Apprentice” are also needed in running a country.  The show will give me an opportunity to show Americans that I am qualified to be President of the United States.
  • I am always striving to improve – My jobs have gone from Paper Boy to Bellhop to Entrepreneur.  “President of the United States” is the next job title I am striving towards.  Despite the time I have spent working, I have managed to find time to campaign.
  • I have never been fired – Either there will be a first time for everything or I will continue not being fired.  I am aiming towards the latter.

Please get a hold of Donald Trump and let him know I would be an excellent addition to the next cast of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

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Ahmnodt The Man

Tonight’s radio show will feature who I am and why I am running for President.  The show starts at 11:00PM Eastern / 9:00 PM Mountain.

Ahmnodt Heare will tell America who he is, why he is running for President, and the influences in his life. Call-in 1 (347) 945-7487 during the show and ask Ahmnodt anything you want.

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