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The Children Get It

People have criticized me for years for campaigning to children who will not be allowed to vote in 2012.  While it’s true that they cannot vote for me in the upcoming presidential election, it doesn’t mean I won’t be their president.  It is important to teach children at a young age to be model citizens.

I often teach children the dangers of the Cinemafia and how to avoid the lure of being a child star.  According to a recent story, they have been paying attention and they have been taking my advice.

Miley Cyrus was voted as being the worst influence on children in 2010.  This wasn’t voted on by registered voters or by that lame parenting group Tipper Gore belongs to.  The people who voted were the children themselves.  Many of these children are under 15 and will not be able to vote for me next year.  They know that smoking saliva salvia is bad.  They know they shouldn’t be known as “the kid who smokes from a bong.”  Most of all, they know not to allow themselves to interact with the Cinemafia and their promise of fame and fortune, only to have their adult lives be a train wreck.

As long as good people take the time to be an influence on children, we won’t have to worry about bad people influencing them.


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