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Sanctions #gopdebate

I would lift all sanctions.  We need to create jobs and export stuff.  We can’t have sanctions against everybody who disagrees with us.  I would even continue trade with Canada.

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Me vs Them – War

Few candidates are willing to cut spending on defense and bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Ron Paul and I want to bring the troops home and close bases overseas.  The one difference between Congressman Paul and myself is that he doesn’t address the Canada debacle.

Once upon a time, American entertainment was a beacon of excellence.  Clark Gable and John Wayne in movies.  Elvis Presley, Diana Ross, and Bob Dylan in music.  Lucille Ball and Fred MacMurray on TV.

The downfall of the Great American Entertainment industry started innocently enough.  Canadian spy William Shatner was dispatched by the Canadian government to taint American television.  Margot Kidder help diminish the greatness of Hollywood, USA.  Canadians have all but destroyed American music by spending spies in waves.  Anne Murray, then Celine Dion, and now Justin Bieber have made American music a joke.

The best American movie actor these days is Adam Sandler.  Sure he’s funny, but the sad part is this is now the best America can do.  We have stooped to Canada’s level in music by retaliating with American spies Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.  American TV has gotten so bad that TV shows have all but been replaced with reality shows.  Watching Snooki, the Situation, and J-Woww for an hour every week is not my idea of quality American entertainment.

I will address this issue as President.  Contrary to some of my prior posts, I will try to negotiate first.  if that doesn’t work, I will impose sanctions (except for hockey – I like hockey).  War will only be used as a last resort, but will not be ruled out as an option.

I was hoping to have more comparisons with the other candidates about this issue, but it seems nobody wants to address it but me.

This post is part of the “Me vs. Them” series.  Come back often to see the entire series.


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We will use sanctions against countries that violate international laws.  We have done that against North Korea for 60 years.  We have done that to Cuba for 50 years.  Iran is next:  They will soon enjoy the same success of sanctions that North Korea and Cuba’s dictators have enjoyed for years.

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