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Me vs Them – Education

The more money we throw at education, the less our children are learning.  It’s not the lack of money that is killing the education.  It’s what being taught (or more specifically, what’s not being taught that is killing education.)

The Republicans and Democrats have their plans to try to improve education.  Both involve money:

Republican candidates:  They want to use vouchers.  The vouchers would be used to send children to the schools of parents’ choice.  I have yet to hear how this would cut spending though.  Some Republicans are also advocates of homeschooling.  Here is my problem with homeschooling:  Where do you hold the prom? The living room?  The dining room?  And also, how would “Senior Cut Day” work?  It is a time-honored tradition.

Democratic candidates (Obama):  He wants the rich to pay their “fair share” (whatever that means.)  Most rich people pay more taxes than you or I do already.  Critics say that they can afford to pay more taxes, but if you could afford to pay $20 for a loaf for bread when the going price is $2.49, would you pay it?  Should you pay it?

Because the more money we spend on education the dumber out children are getting, I would cut education spending.  (I would abolish it, but I don’t want the kids to be that much smarter than us.)

I would find out what our children need to suceed in life and teach that and only that.  I would get rid of many of the rules that handcuff teachers.  When we let out teachers teach, then maybe our students will learn.

This post is part of the “Me vs. Them” series.  Come back often to see the entire series.


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Growing Up Heare

People often ask me about my childhood.  They often become more curious when they find out that I am an only child of parents who were both only children.  I rarely had the problems many people had growing up:  Waiting for a bathroom, sibling wearing my clothes, or eating my cupcakes.  On the other hand, I rarely had a playmate in the house and I never had a kid brother or sister to blame for my mischief.

Because I did not have anybody to blame for my mischief, I learned at a young age to accept responsibility for my actions.  This has also led to my behaving more over and fro Mistress Divana saying that I am her favorite submissive because I don’t complain when she whips me too hard.

Politics were rarely discussed in my house during my youth.  My father is a staunch Republican and my mother is a radical liberal.  It wasn’t until years after they were married that they found out about each other’s political persuasion.  Both my parents tried to show me why the other parent was wrong.  This made me conclude that they were both wrong and I would be better off as an independent.

I had few playmates as a child.  This helped me in a number of ways.  It helped me to figure out a lot of things by myself and not rely on others for answers.  I also learned how to get along with others because of the few opportunities I had to meet new people.

I was a good student when my parents were on my back.  But I had this burning passion of a belief that once the school dismissal bell rang, it was time to forget about school and have some fun.  I think I still hold the school record for most times not doing a homework assignment, but I always fared well on tests and always took notes while in class.

My favorite activities as a child were playing Donkey Kong and Frogger as well as swimming.  I even swam a lap once.  I didn’t go to too many of the school dances, but I did go to the Senior Prom with Katelyn Bregger.  We weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, just two people who went to the prom because we were tired of our parents’ complaining that we didn’t want to go to the prom.

It was my senior year that I first showed my leadership skills.  I organized the “Senior Cut Day”.  We met at the mall and headed to Virginia Beach (a 3 1/2 hour trip from Washington, DC).  It was a success.  27 of us took the trip in various cars.  The only bad part was that 25 of us was grounded that weekend.

I hope this insight into my childhood has helped you understand more about me and why I think I should be the next President of the United States.  Thank you for reading this post and I appreciate your support.

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