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Ahmnodt Heare For America… Ahmnodt Heare For You.

Signs of Progress

There have been signs that my campaign is growing.  All one had to do is to see the evolution on Google.  When the website started and somebody wanted to search for “Ahmnodt Heare”, one would see a few links with “Did you mean ‘Am Not He Are’?” on top of the results.

Then came the “suggested search” that Google fills out when you type something.  For the longest time, it would not suggest Ahmnodt Heare.  Last summer, it would suggest “Ahmnodt Heare”, but not until “Ahmnodt” was typed in its entirety.

January was the next hurdle that was crossed.  “Ahmnodt Heare” was being suggested as soon as “Ahm” was typed.

This is what pops up when you type in "Ahm".

It gets better!  Now when you type in “Ahmnodt Hear”  (Notice you don’t have to type “Heare” in its entirety), you now get some options:

What one sees when typing in "Ahmnodt Hear".

Where there is no Wiki page yet, there are some fan pages that you can join.  Many of the links are already listed in the “Ahmnodt Heare Links” on the upper left hand corner.

As more people find out about my campaign, Google and other search engines will offer more choices.  More choices will lead to more readers of this blog, which will lead to yet more choices, which will… (You get the idea.)

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Spreading the Message

I have been blogging for over two years.  The first couple months were painful as there were days when nobody read the blog.  I didn’t even get a spam for Viagra.  I thought I made the big time the day ten people read my blog.  The first time I had 100 hits on my blog, I felt so bold and brazen that I wrote a blog on how to bring traffic to your blog.  That entry alone has brought over 1,200 readers to my blog.  I must have given good advice because people are now reading their blogs more than mine.

I have to find ways to increase readership while maintaining my fiscal responsibility pledge of not spending any money on my campaign.  I could have gone to anybody, but I happened to find out that one of my supporters has an entire website dedicated to increasing traffic for websites.

The term “SEO” used to scare me.  I thought it was a position of a corporation.  The title of “Webmaster” was being replaced with the title of “SEO”, which I thought was almost as important as a CEO.  I was wrong.  “SEO” isn’t a person, it’s a term, which means, “Search Engine Optimization.”

And by going to http://whoaitsseo.com/, I learned it is important to diggstumble and to tweet.  I am learning the importance of links to my blog. Keywords are not to be underestimated.

With enough effort on my part, and enough support on your part, I can bring the people needed to visit my blog to be a viable candidate in 2012.  If it works, I won’t have to ask you for your hard-earned dollars to fund my website like other politicians do for their websites.

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Some of You Scare Me

I shouldn’t be too scared because you at least made the effort to find the website.  The scary part is some of the search terms used to find the site.  Below is a list of all of the term used in the last few days.  The ones in red are the ones that concern me the most:

seamonkey 37
julian beever 12
vanna white wheel of fortune 8
billy mays 8
white supremacy tattoos 7
sea-monkey 7
vanna white 7
money tattoo 7
sea monkey 5
tatoo letters 5
seamonkey pictures 4
cross tattoos 4
taco bell 4
make a change 4
change tattoo 3
pittsburgh penguins tattoo 3
monopoly get out of jail free card 3
taco bell chihuahua 3
young nancy pelosi 3
tattoo crosses 2
i am tattoo 2
julian rangers tattoos 2
get money tattoos 2
white supremacist tattoos 2
white supremist/loraine day 2
sea.monkey 2
nancy pelosi hot 2
monopoly get out of jail card 2
get money tattoo 2
vanna white biography 2
pittsburgh penguins tattoos 2
julian beever drawings 2
beever julian 2
give money 2
vanna white young 2
ahmnodt heare wiki 2
monopoly card 1
ahmnodt 1
i am the god of war 1
get out of jail free card monopoly 1
vanna white wheel of fortune pictures 1
monopoly get out jail free card 1
president sexual innuendos 1
new york tattoos 1
get money 1
타라곤 대체 1
julian beever timeline 1
pittsburgh tattoos 1
what you give is what you get tattoo 1
villars campaign photo 1

I found out that “타라곤 대체” is Korean for “tarragon replacement”.  Tarragon is an important ingredient in Strawberry Stroganoff.  I am not worried about that.  I will explain why I am worried about those in red.

“White Supremacy Tattoos” – This should go without saying, but I am going to say it anyway.  The only white supremacy I believe in is Vanna White supremacy.  You don’t need a tattoo to be a Vanna White supremacist.

“Young Nancy Pelosi” – this was so long ago that those pictures were in black-and-white and they’re probably grainy.

“Julian Rangers Tattoo” – I have no idea who Julian Rangers is or why you’d want a tattoo of him.

“White Supremist/Loraine Day” – First, the spelling is off.  It should be “White Supremacist / Laraine Day”.  I don’t know who Laraine Day is, but from what I have been able to Google, I can’t see her as a white supremacist.

“Nancy Pelosi Hot” – i am assuming there are rumors that she has a fever and that was why she wanted the health care bill passed.  I refuse to think of any other reason.

“Pittsburgh Penguins Tattoo” – This may be fine now, but they’re going to suck again someday and you will still have that tattoo.

“I am the God of War” – I am lost here.  I am against all wars against non-Canadian nations.  I don’t consider myself to be a god, just a great guy.

“President Sexual Innuendos” – While I am flattered that you think I am president, that is not currently the case.  All I can say about the rest is that it has been a while.

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Ahmnodt Heare – Google Search

via Ahmnodt Heare – Google Search

One thing I like to do to keep my name out there for others to see is to read other blogs and reply to them.  I will do this on any subject.  The other day, I posted this thoughtful response on a Jonas Brothers fan club blog:

“I don’t think any of the Jonas Brothers are hot.  I don’t swing that way.”

When you do that often enough, people will want to know more about the person who gave the reply.

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What Brought You Here and Where You Went

I am interested in what brings people to my blog.  Below is some of the activity that took place yesterday (9/27/08).  If there is any aspect of my campaign you are interested in, please leave a comment and I will answer it as soon as I can. 



People clicked links from these pages to get to your blog.




Referrer Views
wordpress.com/tag/debate 5 More stats
wordpress.com/tag/bailout 4 More stats
u4prez.com/CaucusCommentDetail.aspx?C… 2 More stats
u4prez.com/ViewCaucus.aspx?CaucusID=3… 1 More stats
WordPress Dashboard 1  
u4prez.com/CaucusCommentDetail.aspx?C… 1 More stats
wordpress.com/tag/economy/2 1 More stats

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.




Search Views
money tattoo 3 More stats
russia 1 More stats
did god create the world 1 More stats
$700 billion bailout 1 More stats
canada tattoo 1 More stats
debate president 1 More stats
press secretary tim 1 More stats
tattoo man 1 More stats
debate for president in missippi 1 More stats
my plan to bailout 1 More stats

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