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My Take on the Great Ale-vs-Lager Debate

The Good Greatsby wanted me to address the never-ending debate on ale versus lager.  While this isn’t as important a topic as the high price of entertainment, it is important to Mr. Greatsby and for that, he deserves an answer.

I have to say that I am not really a beer drinker and usually only drink beer when I am tight on money.  When I buy beer, it is usually a pilsner as it is the most affordable type of beer.

As far as taste is concerned, I prefer lager over ale.  Ale tastes too much like liquid dirt.  Lagers are good, but only if it’s imported.  Domestic lagers taste like diluted sewage.  Imported lagers has the right combination of liquid dirt and diluted sewage and doesn’t taste too bad.

Feel free to ask me any issue that affects you.  (Even if it doesn’t affect me in the least.)


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