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Some Updates

There are a few things I have to take care of that I have neglected.  Although I moved the campaign headquarters from Michigan to New York, there were things I had to take care of.

  • I tried to get Governor Jennifer Granholm to endorse me for 2012.  Unfortunately she is a Democratic Party hack and a Canadian.
  • There are no signs of Humpback Dolphins in Lake Michigan.  No charges have been filed against those responsible for killing off the dolphins.
  • Peasant Tim is currently the Michigan campaign manager.  I haven’t heard from him lately, but he is still the man.
  • The Hell’s Angels meeting that I was supposed to have in Stockholm did not materialize.  They found me and told me the meeting is now tomorrow in New York City and it would be in my best interest not to miss it.

I hope this is everything I had left behind.  The campaign will be moving forward.

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Join the “Ahmnodt Heare” Fan Club on Facebook!

I have been on Facebook for a while.  One of my supporters has decided to open up a fan club to reach supporters.  Membership is free and you don’t have to sacrifice your first-born or move to a commune in Oregon.  (If you do decide to move to a commune in Oregon, please say “Hello” to Sir Satire. Make sure you try his organic Twinkees. )

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My Vice-Presidential Running Mate

***NOTICE*** I am announcing that I now have a running mate for 2012.  I know some people will be disappointed that I will not occupy both parts of the ticket like I did in 2008.  I figured it would be too taunting a task to fix the country and to go to the funeral of every third-world dictator.  I was going to choose Sir Satire, but he is still happy at his commune making organic Twinkees.

I have found a man who is Sir Satire’s equal.  He is Peasant Tim.  You may know him as the guy from Michigan with a job.  But he is much more than that.  He has a job and pays his rent.  As your vice-president, he will be in charge of setting up an anti-cinemafia task force and will implement my “Just say ‘OK, but just this once’.” drug policy.

Peasant Tim will be joining this blog with an occasional post from his campaigning.  He will start blogging as soon as he finishes the final touches on the Lake Michigan oil spill investigation.

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Good Luck, Sir Satire!

Sir Satire was one of the best blogs on WordPress.  I was so impressed with his writing that I was set to make him my press secretary.  Sometimes, a life altering event takes place and plans are changed.  This happened to Sir Satire.

Sir Satire has left his successful blog and my campaign behind and joined a commune in Oregon.  He has found a new love for a new god and now grows organic Twinkees for his commune.

I congratulate Sir Satire for his happiness and wish him luck in his commune.

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Question for Readers of This Blog

Thank you for taking part in this poll.

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Why Tim Sharpe Would be my Press Secretary

As I posted three months ago, I started picking my brain trust for my cabinet should I be elected president.

Mr. Sharpe is not the first reporter to bring us stories about clown mutations and dual-purpose robots, he is the only journalist even mentioning it.  It was Mr. Sharpe’s journalistic excellence that brought to my attention the crisis of the humpback dolphin.   

Furthermore, Mr. Sharpe promised me that he will expose all ills of the Ahmnodt Heare administration to protect Americans.  Journalistic excellence and integrity are the reasons why I would be proud to have Tim Sharpe as my Press Secretary.

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