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Mellow Time

There isn’t much happening this week either on the campaign trail or on the work front, so I will be chilling this week.  Things are subject to change upon notice as things happen quickly.  Assuming nothing newsworthy happens this week, I will be doing the following:

  • Cull over polling data – I am more interested in polling data conducted by my campaign than by traditional sources because my campaign polls include me as a candidate in most of the polls.
  • Reassess my platform – Place more emphasis on stuff people are interested in  9like my position on abortion) and less emphasis on positions that people disagree with me on.  (I am not going to flip-flop, but rather hope that people who disagree with me on an issue look at the other issues that we agree)
  • Help people who have been hurt the most by the recession – I will be holding fundraisers for people who are no longer to offer caviar at their parties due to the cost of caviar and lost jobs.  People shouldn’t have to live in such a dire situation.

My “mellow time” seems like I will be doing a lot, but it’s really much less than what I have been doing.


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