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Presidential Diet

I discussed my exercise regiment in yesterday’s blog.  The other part of my weight loss plan is my diet.  A balanced diet and exercise program is needed for proper weight control.  Below is the diet I had as well as the diet plan I am currently on:


Before: A bowl of Froot Loops, one fried egg, two slices toast, small glass orange juice, cup of coffee

After: A bowl of Froot Loops, two scrambled eggs, four slices toast, large glass orange juice, cup of coffee.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Eating a bigger breakfast will keep you less hungry and give you more energy for the rest of the day.


Before:  Ham sandwich, potato salad, tall glass of milk

After:  Bologna sandwich, potato chips, tall glass of milk

I replaced ham with bologna because bologna is sliced thinner and has fewer calories.  Replacing potato salad with potato chips will cut the calories from mayonnaise from the potato salad. (Unless you like mayo on your potato chips.)


Before:  4 oz. meat, baked potato, broccoli, salad with ranch dressing, milk.

After: 4 oz chicken, mashed potatoes, string beans, salad with chicken gravy, milk

Chicken has the protein meat has with less fat and with fewer calories.  Mashed potatoes is not as dense as a baked potato and therefore contains fewer calories.  A string bean weighs less than a flower of broccoli.  chicken gravy has more protein than ranch dressing.


Before: Peanuts

After: Shelled Peanuts

Shelled peanuts will help you cut calories because of the time it takes to get the peanuts out of the shell.  The effort required to open the shells also burns calories.


Before: Six-pack beer

After:  Six-pack light beer, small bag of popcorn

Light beer has a lot fewer calories than regular beer.  You’ll save enough calories from switching to light beer to enjoy a small bag of popcorn and still consume fewer calories.  The popcorn will help with the drinking of the light beer.

The steps I have taken in diet and exercise will help me lose weight and look more presidential as I hit the campaign trail.


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