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Social Security

Social Security is the 800-pound gorilla in the room.  It is a ponzi-scheme.  Because it is a ponzi scheme, I would appoint Bernie Madoff to run the Social Security administration.  Mr. Madoff brings years of experience in starting and running a ponzi scheme.

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Social Security and Tax Cuts

Instead of raising Social Security taxes or cutting benefits, we should find ways to make things more affordable for seniors.  Besides my “apple-a-day” health care plan, we can give Seniors a discount on dog food.  They can pay generic prices on premium dog food so they don’t go to bed hungry.


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Would You Give Congress Two Years to Reform Social Security?

I don’t know if Congress can reform Social Security.  They offered to get Wall Street out of debt by borrowing more money.  Tax breaks were given to wooden arrow makers and rum producers, but not to the gentlemen who run adult video stores (the heartbeat of the economy)

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