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Too Tired to Blog

I was going to blog today about something in the political world, but I am too tired.  It doesn’t help that I forgot what I was going to blog about.  I wasn’t going to blog even if I did remember because I am tired.

I wasn’t going to blog about the NSA because everybody else already has.  I have nothing to add about the NSA or about Whistleblower Edward Snowden that  hasn’t already been blogged about.  The NSA reads this blog, and I don’t want to tick them off and have them listen to my phone conversations.  I don’t have a Verizon phone, so I am safe for the time being.

There will not be any writing about the upcoming elections this year in New Jersey.  It’s bad enough the election for governor is five months away.  Both Chris Christie and Barbara Buono are already running ads.  There is also the primary election (August) and special election (October) for the US Senate seat to replace the late Frank Lautenberg.

I haven’t slept too well these last few nights.  Tomorrow will be a better day to blog (assuming I have electricity as heavy thunderstorms are expected here.)


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A Surprise for my Campaign Manager

My Campaign Manager does not know this yet, but he is running for U.S. Senate from New Jersey.  I have taken the privilege of taking the role of being his campaign manager.  The one drawback is that he will be paying his what I have been paying him.  My running a penniless campaign has prevented me from paying him.

Why am I doing this?  The answer is simple:  I am going to need help to pass my platform through Congress.  The current bunch of characters in Washington are pro-Cinemafia and are not interested in my energy, crime, or any other plans I have to offer.  It is important  to have people who support my campaign and my positions run for the House and Senate.  This will help me when I win the 2016 Presidential Election.

The reason why I am doing this now is because of the vacancy in the U.S. Senate due to the passing of Senator Frank Lautenberg.  The election to replace him will be on October 16.  Governor Chris Christie has chosen his buddy to be acting Senator until the special election.

I cannot wait to tell him he is running for Senate.  I will set up his campaign website as soon as he approves and decides to run.  Setting everything up now will only mean that he will decide not to run.  That’s the way things always work out.  I hate working in vain and doing all of the work required to start a campaign only to find out he isn’t interested in running for Senate.

I am off to tell him the great news.  Wish me luck!

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Back to Basics

If there was anything I learned about the Massachusetts election on Tuesday is keep things stupid.  I did some soul searching and I will unveil my 78-step plan to simplify my campaign.  If you are not doing anything tonight at 11:00PM Eastern, I will talk some of the things that have had a positive effect on my campaign on my radio show.

Back to Basics
The one thing Ahmnodt Heare has learned from Tuesday’s election in Massachusetts is that I have to do more of the simpler parts of my campaign that worked.

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If You Insist

I have stated recently that I was not running for Senate, but people were going to vote for me regardless.  For the people in Massachusetts who insist on voting for me, please make a copy of this ballot and hand it in.  My name is spelled correctly (to the best of my knowledge) and has me listed as an Independent (also spelled correctly.)

By printing this ballot and using this one instead of the one issued, you’ll save valuable time and can continue on with the rest of your day.  If I lived in Massachusetts, I would vote for my fellow Independent Joe Kennedy.  Independents should unite and help get Joe Kennedy elected.

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