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Cutting Education Funding

I think funding for education should be cut, but not from teachers’ salaries.  It should be cut in administrative costs.  The problem with education today is that the largest building in many school building is the administration building.  No learning takes place in administration buildings.  Get rid of those buildings and let the principals administer the education in their schools.


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Confusion Over the Budget

President Obama submitted his budget proposal today.  After all of the talk about cutting spending, the budget is still$3.7 trillion, the highest budget ever.  Where I come from, when you cut from a budget, you end up with a smaller budget.  I am baffled as to how President Obama could cut $100 billion from the budget and still end up with a larger budget.

It’s like somebody weighing 250 pounds.  This person decides that for the next year, he or she will drink diet soda instead of sugar-sweetened soda.  After a year, this person now weighs 275 lbs because he or she ate more.  Instead of telling people that he or she gained 25 lbs, this person brags that 5 pounds were lost by switching to diet soda.

This is how government works their budgets.  They will tell you that they cut the budget because less is going to be spent on education and health care.  But they don’t tell you that more money is going towards the military and for government administration costs.

Don’t be fooled by them telling you that they are cutting the budget.  All they are doing is cutting spending in programs that matter to you and fattening their own pockets.  They’re sneaking an extra slice of pizza while bragging about their diet soda.

Put down that slice and tell President Obama to come up with a better budget.  Better yet, vote for me in 2012 and I’ll do it myself.

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Another Reason Why Movies Are Expensive

There were 5 commercials for movies during the Super Bowl.  This amounts to $15 million in advertising for 2 1/2 minutes of ads.  Most of these movies won’t be in theaters for a few months.  I will forget about these movies by the time they are released unless they have more ads, which will cost more money.  If they waited until just before the release date, they could have saved $3 million per movie.

Maybe it’s not so much the Cinemafia is evil as it is stupid.  They pay Tom Cruise $31 million for every movie he appears in.  I would do 20 movies for $31 million.  The problem with the economy (aside from the Cinemafia) is that the only spending cuts companies are making are in payroll.  They are either cutting hours, pay rates, or jobs.  They still buy company t-shirts, coffee mugs and other crap that most employees don’t really care for.  They know that knick-knacks cost less than money.  As president, I would put a ban on company knick-knacks and force them to either pay more or hire more.

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